4 Key Features of a First Aid Training Programme in Brisbane

You often come across countless stories of how a fellow passenger saved someone’s life on a train or a young student saved their friend who had fainted in a school assembly. The importance of first aid in Brisbane is overwhelming since the response time is almost negligible until professional help comes along. It is, therefore, no wonder why first aid training courses are imparted in all schools and offices. Here are some of the skills these training programs give you.

What Do They Teach You at a First Aid Training Programme?

Assessing a Medical Situation

Some of the key highlights of the training course are how to approach the situation, what to make of it, and what possible steps you can deploy to ease the patient’s risks. Before intervening, it is important to check if exposing yourself and others present in the vicinity makes you liable to health risks yourselves.

CPR and AED Training

Did you know that as many as 332 per 1000 persons are affected by respiratory diseases in North Brisbane alone? A shocking number was recorded and published in a paper from the Australian Institute of Health & Welfare and The University of Adelaide in November 2005.

Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (or CPR) helps to revive normal breathing processes in people suffering from sudden cardiac arrests. Every minute wasted increases the mortality chances by nearly 10%. AED or Automated External Defibrillator is a device that helps analyse a possible heart attack and launches an electrical shock externally to restore a normal heartbeat. A first aider is taught the mechanics and the use of AED to help a person whenever needed.

Wound Care

You all came across the tragic news when an accident involving 12 cars injured nearly 13 people on May 24 2022, on the M1 Motorway, Brisbane. While the accident didn’t seem fatal, things could have been better if first aid professionals had been around.

Accidents are accidents because they happen when we least expect them. This is why most first aid training programmes initially teach one how to proceed in situations where there is blood loss, fracture, etc.

Skill-Based Training

Most training programmes offer hands-on practical sessions with a certified instructor to help you learn the skills required to perform first aid. One of the basic features of this training involves scene entry and assessment, treating a simulated injury on a mannequin, performing CPR and following other prompts, etc. Emulating these skills to perfection is necessary to be legally certified by the training organisation.

First Aid Code of Practice Manual Issued by Workplace Health & Safety, Govt. Of Queensland

According to the Workplace Health & Safety Act 2011, the Government of Queensland has formulated a detailed account of the Code of Practice on First Aid. The manual concerns anyone pursuing a PCBU in first aid. Some of the key highlights are:

  • This manual mainly concerns the legalities of designers, manufacturers, installers, officers, and many more. Employers must ensure risk management procedures to curb the possibility of health risks. The same applies to manufacturers, suppliers, designers, and importers.
  • Executive officers such as the Director must ensure the rules and regulations are followed and all the first aid requirements are in place.
  • The executive branch must have detailed information by consulting with their designers, workers, and manufacturers regarding the number of first aiders, the proximity and the number of first aid kits to be installed, and the first aid process and equipment required in the workplace.

With the amount of care invested in the first aid regulations by the State Government, the jump in the death toll as a result of road accidents is still alarming. So, enrol yourself at an organisation that offers training programmes in first aid in Brisbane today and be a certified first aider to help your community as best as you can.

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