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Are you a student who is studying geometry and need help with math? Several students are here, just like you and me who are looking for the best math tutor. They have to deal with math problems daily. The best way to understand what is the diameter of a circle is by solving math problems. Here I came up with some interesting tricks so that you can learn them easily.
As we know that there are many shapes in geometry like triangles, squares, rectangles, etc. Every shape has its properties, which the student must know about them. Their learning process will be much easier as a result.

Diameter of a Circle

Diameter is defined as the longest chord of a circle or the length of a line segment that passes through the center of a circle and has its endpoints on the circle. Circles have a diameter twice as large as their radius. It is represented by d.

Example 1:  If the radius of a circle = is 5 units, then the diameter will also be twice i.e., 10 units.
Diameter formula for area and circumference:
d = 2 × r
A = (π × d2)/4 or A = πr2 or A= π (d/2)2
C = π × d

Diameter Formula

When learning about the diameter of circle, you will be introduced to various mathematical formulas used for radius and diameter. By using these formulas, we can easily find out the area, volume, and circumference of the circle.
To calculate the diameter, use the following formula::
d = 2r where r = radius
Circumference = pi*d = pi*2r
Area of circle = pi*r^2

Diameter Properties

  • The diameter of the circle is the longest chord passing through its center.
  • The line segment of a diameter is considered to be twice the length of a radius.
  • A chord is an imaginary line joining two points on a circumference.
  • A diameter passes through the center of the circle and has its endpoints on all sides of the circle. It is called a chord that measures from one side of the curve to another, passing through the center. In this case, it has both endpoints on all sides of a given circle.

Chords are categorized into different types:

  • Chords that pass through the center point are known as ‘diameter’. Thus, it has two endpoints on all sides, or it can be said to have two radii making equal angles with each other at their point of intersection where they cross over each other.

Diameter vs Radius

In geometry, a radius is a line from the center of a circle to any point on its edge. The word “radius” comes from the Latin word for ray, radium. A circle can have only one radius drawn from its center to its edge, but it can have an infinite amount of diameters, which are lines drawn across the circle from one side to another through its center.
The diameter of a circle is always double that of the radius, or twice as long as the radius is long. To find the diameter of a circle, multiply the radius by two. To find out what the radius of a circle is given its diameter, just divide the diameter by two.

Solved Examples of Diameter of Circle

Example 1: Find the diameter of the circle if its radius is 6 cm.

Given, Radius (r) = 6 cm

The diameter = 2 * the radius is 2 × 6 = 12 cm

Therefore, the Diameter of the Circle is 12 cm.

Example 2:  Find the radius of a circle if its diameter is 36 cm.

Given, Diameter (d) = 36 cm

radius (r) will be half of 36 i.e.


Therefore, The radius of a circle is 18 cmVisit Cuemath to find the best math tutor for your child, their instructors provide amazing worksheets and puzzles for solving.

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