Here’s why your wardrobe must have bandhani gowns and Kurtis

Gowns and Kurtis have become so common that any wardrobe can proudly boast of them. What’s more, you can wear your bandhani Kurti with leggings, jeans, or trousers. Wear any headdress, handbag, or bracelet with your bandhani gown; it is always a traditional elegance with a dash of modern fashion.

Whether at home, work, or party, your bandhani garments will always give a unique touch of expression to your looks. Bandhani uses traditional and bright colours: signature of the Thar Desert. The unique colour combination lets you express every mood, from casual to formal.

You can go unconventional with this traditional wear. No colour combination is wrong when it comes to bandhani, so you could customise and get creative with your wardrobe to get the most eye-catching combinations. Bandhani design adds tradition and a splash of folk art to contemporary fashion and comfort.

At the end of this blog, you get some bonus style tips for bandhani gowns and Kurtis. So, should you go for a bandhani gown or kurti?

Bandhani has evolved from age-old traditions, but we are as crazy for them now as our grannies used to be when they were young. The secret behind this sustaining popularity and adoration for bandhani is how it has come to embrace modern fashion. Bandhani gowns go more fashionable as they conform to usability and fashion.

Bandhani has become much more today than tie and dye pieces of clothes. With many varied colour combinations, the latest bandhani gowns are a blend of lehengas and western evening home wear. They are comfortable, and light, and the fabric adores your skin.

Bandhani Kurtis marry tradition with sophistication. Traditional bandhani patterns had limited options, but now even professionals can wear a bandhani kurti at work. The new range of bandhani Kurtis suit every age group.

Bandhani dupattas are available with matching bandhani kurtis. And, you can also experiment with crazy colour combinations, panelled bandhani kurtis, and leggings with traditional handbags. The best part of bandhani kurtis is how versatile they are and how they give you so many ways to experiment with.

Style Tips

Bandhani keeps modifying itself, and there is nothing called a bandhani for a certain occasion. Still, you could pair your festive bandhani with a silver or gold handbag and embrace a sophisticated look.

Bandhani is the legacy of an age-old tradition and goes well with women of every height, weight, and age. To add zing to your closet, check them out at popular multi-designer platforms like Tata Cliq Luxury, Ajio Luxe, Pernia’s Pop-Up Shop, and others. You’re sure to love the masterpieces by labels like Pink City By Sarika, Anita Dongre, Stotram, Surbhi Shah, etc.

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