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How To Do Passion Twists With Colored Hair


There appear to be plenty of breathtaking protective hairstyles to choose from. Braided hairstyles are absolutely flawless, from box braids to cornrows and even Goddess Locs. One of the newest protective designs to emerge is passion twists.

Although double-stranded twists have been popular for many years, passion twists take a somewhat different approach to the design. The twists are much less defined and feature a relatively relaxed spiral pattern, resulting in beautiful curls.

This blog is for you if you’ve been hunting for the best tutorial on how to do passion twists on your client’s hair. We’ve outlined the simplest method for installing passion twists below; select one that works best for you and your client’s hair!

Prepping Your Client’s Hair

Moody red boho passion twists
Moody red boho passion twists

Whatever method you use to install passion twists, you should always start by preparing your client’s hair. Here are the steps to prep your client’s hair before installing passion twists.

Step 1: Removing Build-Ups & Dirt

Before you even begin with the how-to-do passion twists process, it’s extremely important to prep the hair. Start with washed hair; use a sulfate-free shampoo to remove product build-up and dirt.

Step 2: Deep Condition The Hair

After that, give your client’s mane a 30-minute deep conditioning session to hydrate it. You want to make sure you are protecting your client’s moisturized hair underneath the twists.

Step 3: Blow Dry And Section The Hair

Blow-dry your client’s hair on a low heat setting and once it’s 80% dry, use a lightweight hair serum to hydrate their hair. You can even use a growth oil on the scalp and massage it into the scalp.

How To Do Passion Twists On Your Client’s Hair

Now the fun part! Follow the directions below to install colored passion twists to your client’s hair!

  • Starting from the bottom, create a clean horizontal line using a rat tail comb and secure the rest of the hair away.
  • Take a small section, apply some edge control near the roots of the hair and grab 2 strands of the colored braiding hair. Braid the natural hair with the braiding hair a few times and start twisting the remaining natural hair.
  • Follow the pattern of the braiding hair and continue twisting until you reach the end and curl the ends with your fingers.
  • Repeat the same 3 steps above for the remaining section of your client’s hair.

How Long Do Passion Twists Last?

How Long Do Passion Twists Last
How long do they last?

We advise keeping the passion twists for up to 6 weeks; the clients can wear the protective style for up to 8 weeks. Keeping them on for longer than that could interfere with your client’s natural hair growth.

Passion Twists Upkeep

Passion Twists Upkeep
What does the upkeep look like?

Now that you know how to do passion twists let’s look at the upkeep. Passion twists are a terrific way to preserve your client’s hair in any season, summer or winter. It doesn’t require much maintenance because it’s covered by alluring twists and lets the natural hair retain length and promote growth.

  • With protective styles like passion twists, your clients should wash their hair only once a week. Frequent shampooing can lead to losing the curl pattern.
  • A spray-on conditioner is the most convenient technique to seal moisture between washes.
  • Besides hydration for less breakage, a clean and healthy scalp is essential for a protective style. Applying a scalp-calming serum using a nozzled bottle is a great way to keep the scalp healthy.
  • Lastly, your clients must establish a nightly routine for their passion twists. Like other protective styles, passion twists could be wrapped in a silk scarf or placed in a high pineapple. Silk pillow coverings will be their best buddy if they are restless sleepers.

Colored Passion Twist Hairstyles To Impress Your Clients!

Learning how to do passion twists isn’t enough; make your clients smile from ear to ear with these stunning passion twist hairstyles.

1. The Stylish & Classic Half-Up

The Stylish & Classic Half-Up
The classic half-up

Here we have multi-toned long passion twists in a half-up bun. Half of the passion twists are left loose while the other section is secured into a half-up bun. The passion twist hairstyle is chic, trendy, and perfect for all four seasons.

2. Tousled Multi-Colored Twists

Tousled Multi-Colored Twists
Bright and bold

This next passion twist hairstyle features more multi-colored twists but this time using bolder hues. The overall hair is black, but the bolder tones amplify the style, and the tousled hair is a vibe!

3. Warm Half-Up Ponytail

Ombre passion twists in a half ponytail
Ombre passion twists in a half ponytail

This passion twist hairstyle features another half-up hairstyle with warm ombre blonde tones. The twists are loosely tied into a half-ponytail with face-framing tendrils, adding a touch of fun.

You can now give your clients the best passion twist installation with India Hair International hand-crafted human hair.


While there isn’t a shortage of braided hairstyles, we can see why passion twists are so popular among women. The combination of Senegalese and faux locs looks incredibly stunning regardless of the length, size, or color!

You can easily create the most beautifully colored passion twists for your clients using the how to do passion twists outlined above!

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