How to Play Cockfighting – Good Tips to Know to Defeat All Opponents

How to play cockfighting is the first rule every player must learn before participating in this dramatic entertainment. If you do not understand the rules and terminology used, it is very difficult to win in both traditional and online cockfighting. So that, Nhacaiuytin game port Synthesize and revise relevant information to send players the best source of content.

Memorizing terminology is the first way to play cockfighting

In cockfighting in general, there are two terms you need to know because they are often used in every fight between cocks:

  • “One end, one move” refers to the rounds in a cockfighting match, sometimes in some localities there is a more familiar term called “bet” or “move”.
  • “For chicken water” is used to indicate the break between two rounds (usually about 5 – 10 minutes). Meanwhile, the farmer will continue to strengthen the chickens by feeding, drinking, and injecting energy boosters.

These are the two most basic terms before you learn how to play online cockfighting. At the same time, it is also a prerequisite to help the cockfighter know how to stop/rest at the right time to restore the physical strength of his “darling”.

Depending on each locality, North – Central – South, they will have different principles and rules, and how to play cockfighting depending on customs and culture. So no matter what type of participation you participate in, you need to firmly grasp this information before depositing money.

3 types of bets in Nhacaiuytin online cockfighting

Almost every online cockfighting service provider has 3 doors for players to choose from to bet:

  • Meron: The audience bets on the rooster of the cockfighting arena to win. This is an easy way to win because these warriors are raised and trained in a special way, so their attack and defense skills are much stronger.
  • Walla: Spectators bet on the participant’s cock to win.
  • BDD: Bet on a tie, but this result is very unlikely because chickens are aggressive animals, so the game only ends when one of them dies or is no longer able to attack.

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Method of calculating money in each type of cockfighting bet

Currently, when players participate in online cockfighting betting, there will be two main types of bets: copper bets and handicap bets. Each type has different payout and commission rates. Therefore, carefully learning information about how to play cockfighting will help you avoid unnecessary misunderstandings and make wrong bets.

Type 1: Bronze bet

Bronze bets have a commission ratio of 1:1 at Nhacaiuytin. That means if you win, your account will double the amount you previously bet. Otherwise, if you lose, you lose everything.

This is a quite popular way to play cockfighting and is chosen by many cockfighters when playing online cockfighting. Thanks to the high payout rate as well as the fast deposit and withdrawal speed, it has received a lot of praise.

Type 2: Handicap bet

This way of playing cockfighting has a more complicated method than the bronze bet because players need to research and analyze the strengths and weaknesses of each side. Factors you need to consider in a match include:

  • Fitness.
  • Weight.
  • Combat history.
  • Status.
  • Stone techniques used.
  • Age.

If you do not carefully calculate the above factors, it is very difficult to win in the cockfighting game. However, if a new cockfighter does not know how to play cockfighting – what should he do?

At this time, apply the rule “The house always wins” and boldly place increasing amounts of money on Meron. The reason why the previous players have this way of playing cockfighting is because their fighting cocks are all well and strictly trained, so their fighting and defensive power is far ahead of other competitors.

If you are not sure, you can see other people’s results. Please note that this is for reference only, do not bet exactly like them to avoid losing big.

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When playing cockfighting, what should cockers keep in mind?

As Nhacaiuytin has just introduced the most basic way to play cockfighting, however, just knowing this information is completely not enough. You need to remember a few additional notes below to perfect your strategy:

Understand the rules and how to play cockfighting for money at Nhacaiuytin

Knowing the rules and regulations will be the best and most effective way to play cockfighting. Only when knowing this information will the bettor confidently participate in betting and fighting.

If you are still unclear about the above content, feel free to ask previous cockfighting players or contact Nhacaiuytin about how to play cockfighting. Gamers do not have to be shy at all, we are happy to support until everyone understands and bets proficiently.

Choose the most suitable bet and bet type

One of the ways to play cockfighting that you need to understand before each match is the odds and betting options. Because each type will have different winning and losing conversion values, if the bettor does not calculate carefully, he will lose a lot of money. So please carefully consider the status of the fighting cocks on both sides to come to the most accurate and objective conclusions.

Currently, before each online cockfighting match, Nhacaiuytin often has a program or article commenting on the physical condition, health, and fighting spirit of the cocks on both sides. This is valuable information to help you easily compare and finalize bets.

Iron saw cockfighting page Nhacaiuytin has just introduced to everyone how to play cockfighting as well as the bloody experiences you need to grasp when entertaining with them. It can be said that fiery, wild fights between fighting cocks are hard to deny. So, quickly join Nhacaiuytin to enjoy live cockfighting while taking money from the game portal.

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