Make Your Own Challenge Coin with Custom Crafts

Custom challenge coins have become increasingly popular for various purposes, from representing organizations or commemorating special events to serving as collectible items. When it comes to creating your own challenge coin, the challenge coin maker Custom Crafts is your go-to manufacturer. With their expertise and dedication to craftsmanship, they can bring your unique vision to life.

Black Custom Tokens

For a sleek and captivating option, consider black custom tokens for your challenge coins. These tokens stand out with their striking black appearance, making a bold statement. At Custom Crafts, the challenge coin maker uses high-quality zinc alloy to ensure durability and longevity. Additionally, their black custom tokens can incorporate intricate 3D designs and soft enamel with clear epoxy, adding depth and uniqueness to your coins. Whether you’re honoring outstanding individuals or promoting your brand, black custom tokens will make a lasting impression.

American Challenge Coin

The classic appeal of American challenge coins cannot be overlooked. Custom Crafts offers top-notch American challenge coins made from quality brass material. On the obverse side, these coins feature an anti-gold finish, giving them a distinguished look that exudes prestige. One standout feature of their American challenge coins is the inclusion of 3D maps on the coin center. This adds a captivating visual element, allowing you to showcase specific locations or landmarks that hold significance to your organization or event.

Coin with Bottle Opener and More

At Custom Crafts, the challenge coin maker understands the need for versatility when it comes to challenge coins. That’s why they offer additional options such as coins with dual plating, soft enamel, and hard enamel. Dual plating allows for a combination of different metal finishes, enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your coins. Soft enamel provides vibrant colors and textured surfaces, while hard enamel offers a polished and smooth finish. Their team is flexible and adaptable, capable of accommodating specific requirements and creating customized coins tailored to your preferences.


In conclusion, the challenge coin maker Custom Crafts is the ultimate challenge coin manufacturer for those who want to bring their unique designs to life. With options like black custom tokens, American challenge coins with 3D maps, and versatile customization choices, they have what it takes to create coins that truly stand out. Ready to make your own challenge coin? Contact Custom Crafts today and let them turn your vision into a tangible, cherished keepsake.

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