Tips Your Lash Artist Wants You to Know

These are the top 10 tips of our Lash Addict Studio specialists that will ensure you get the most from your appointment.

  1. This is not a one-size-fits-all service. You can read more about how a full set is custom-made for each individual, taking into account eye shape, natural lash length, and lash strength.
  2. The natural growth cycle of hair will cause your natural lashes to shed along with your extensions. A refill is recommended every two to three weeks. We will need more time to restore your desired fullness, so we recommend waiting a little longer between refills.
  3. Trust is essential. We are licensed, trained, and certified lash experts who take pride and care in their craft. So, let us help you with length, safety, and styling. We are your lash gurus.
  4. Beautiful lashes are a two-way street. By properly attaching each volume fan/extension to your natural lashes, we do our job. These babies will need to be taken care of at home. Lifestyle and care of your lashes can affect their longevity.
  5. Keep your lashes lush and healthy To avoid irritation and buildup, you can wash your lashes with water and a lash cream cleanser after 12 hours.
  6. We’d jump for joy. if you could skip the caffeine before taking a lash nap at Lash Addict Studio and use the bathroom to get some “me” time.
  7. Do not be shy If your neck pillow is bothering you, we will remove it. It’s not for everyone to lie down for long periods. Please let us know if we can adjust the settings. We want to make sure you have the best experience possible when having your lashes done.
  8. We love to have a good conversation. Keep your conversation to a minimum during the service. Concentration is key to a great lash experience.
  9. Every once in a while, change it up. Keep it fresh and fun by trying a new lash style.
  10. Get in touch. We love to hear from you. We are always interested in hearing from you.

This post was written by Natali Roshau. Natali has over 10 years of experience as a lash artist and is the owner of Lash Addict Studio. Lash Addict Studio offers eyelash extensions St Petersburg FL. In addition to being a lash artist, she also offers eyelash training certifying girls across the nation!

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