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Unveiling Techking’s Mastery in Heavy Duty Tires

In the realm of heavy duty tires, Techking emerges as a beacon of excellence. The word “heavy duty tyres” is not just a term but a testament to Techking’s prowess in delivering robust and high-performance tire solutions. Let’s journey into the world of Techking’s heavy duty tire innovation.

Exploring the TKDM III Heavy Duty Tire

One standout in Techking’s heavy duty tire lineup is the TKDM III. This tire redefines the standards of durability and strength. Its key features include a strengthened middle tread, thanks to the Super Tire Bar Design, and superior wearing resistance performance achieved through the Contact Plus Design. For the size of 325/95R24, it boasts an impressive 130% maximum load capacity, setting new benchmarks in heavy duty tire capabilities.

A Global Presence

Techking isn’t confined to one region; its impact spans across the globe. Collaborating with mining and construction companies in over 100 countries, Techking has established itself as a trusted partner. Notably, Techking is the exclusive Chinese tire brand providing construction machinery tires to industry leaders such as XCMG, SANY, and ZOOMLION. International recognition comes from partnering with renowned machinery manufacturers like Liebherr, Sandvik Group, Tadano Demag, and JCB.

The Power of the Trio Model

Techking’s innovation thrives through the Trio Business Model. This model encompasses an integrated product development system, a localized marketing and service system, and a specialized service system. It empowers Techking to offer application-specific products and diverse, valuable services to its customers.


Techking Tires’ journey in the world of heavy duty tires is a saga of innovation, quality, and global impact. With products like the TKDM III, Techking is not just a tire provider; it’s a solution provider, setting new standards in heavy duty tire capabilities. As they continue to innovate and expand, Techking’s commitment to excellence remains unwavering.

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