What are the characteristics of fishes?

Are you thinking to add fishes in your dinner? Well if yes then it would be a wise decision. Having seafood in your daily life is good for your health. But a big difficulty comes in your way when you are going to purchase seafood’s.

If you know them basic practices of fresh seafood than it will be difficult anymore. A person who research force and then go buying the product will find the best product. So why don’t you first search and then go purchasing the fishes so that in future you can have the healthy fishes. Fishes have some basic practices that would be noticed when go purchasing.

If you don’t want to purchase but want to know how fresh fish will look alike then you can continue reading. I ensure that in this article you will know the basic characteristic’s of fishes on which day consider as seafood. Although they are from the animal group but they differ from animals because of their sea food characteristic’s. So let’s start.

1) eyes

Eyes are the common key point to knowing whether your fish is fresh or a stale fish. To know if you wish is fresh the eyes of the fish must be protruded crystal clear and moist the eye shouldn’t be sunken or cloudy which is the point which goes towards the staleness of the fish it will refer for you eating fish must be many days old.

2) gills

Many peoples in the fish market notice the freshness of the fish from the characteristics of their Gills. It must be a clean, cold, and bright color.  it shouldn’t be slimy or any darker color. It is essential to notice the fish gills. They commonly go bad when fish is kept for long days without storage.

3) flesh

While making the meat notice that the flesh of the fish is cold but slippery. When poked it should be resilient and wet. Fishes are preferred when they are fresh this way the meat is felt juicy and doesn’t deprive them of nutrition.

Sticky, when poked, is an indication of the stale fish. The flesh must feel tender and delicious while eating if you have a bite of a fish which flash doesn’t taste like so it is a little weird than normal which means you are eating a stale fish.


the smell tells a lot about the fish which type of the fish we are going to eat if you are entering the market place or at the shop you are standing. if a fish smell very bad automatically doesn’t want to buy such kind of fish but if the fish smell is fresh and doesn’t feel like funky while buying.

it means that the fishes fresh and you can have it but it happens sometimes at the fish market that at the store the allot of peoples and a lot of the fish doesn’t tell about this smell. So, it is better if you go home and the smell of fish doesn’t suit you don’t use such kind of fish as a food because it will end up damaging your stomach.


I hope that you know about the characteristics that help you buy seafood.

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