10 Healthy Habits of Fitness

1: Drink Eight Glasses of Water

Most people are walking around dehydrated without even knowing it. You can prevent that condition by drinking eight glasses of 8 ounce water each day. Water is the substance most needed by your body to keep cells healthy, control your internal environment, and absorb vitamins and minerals. Water controls your appetite and lose weight. It also keeps your skin clear and moisturized.

2: Eat a Serving of Protein and Carbohydrates

It’s important to get a combination of protein and carbohydrates with every meal and snack. Often you leave a meal feeling unsatisfied and still hungry because your body’s nutritional needs haven’t been satisfied. Unlike what many fad diets recommend, your body requires healthy carbohydrates for energy. Eating carbohydrates with protein creates energy without causing a spike in your blood sugar. Ultimately this burns more fat. Each portion of protein and carbohydrates should be about the size of the palm of your hand. Choose protein sources such as lean meats, cheese, nuts, yogurt, or soy based foods. Make sure carbohydrates are whole grain such as quinoa, brown rice, and whole grain pasta.

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3: Fill Half Your Plate with Vegetables

Vegetables provide your body with high volume, low calorie nutrition chock full of vitamins and minerals. You should have at least five servings of vegetables a day. Unfortunately, most people who eat a Western diet have far fewer servings and are actually nutrient deprived. Adding more vegetables can help prevent cancer and heart disease and promote weight loss. While half of your plate should be a combination of proteins and carbs, the other half should be filled with vegetables.

4: Add Two Teaspoons of Healthy Oil to Meals

You may avoid oil because you know it contains fat. But what you may not know is that the fat in many oils is actually healthy for your heart. Your other organs also benefit from having at least two teaspoons of healthy oil each day. It’s important to not miss out on this vital nutrient because it keeps your liver and gall bladder running smoothly and lowers your cholesterol. What are the best oils to use? The healthiest are olive oil, flaxseed oil and palm oil.

5: Walk for 30 Minutes

Doctors and other health experts agree that walking is the best exercise to get on a regular basis. It gives your heart a workout and provides a weight-bearing exercise for your lower limbs. And what’s even better is that it doesn’t require a gym membership or a lot of fancy equipment. All you need is a comfortable pair of sneakers.

This is the bare minimum that you can do to keep yourself healthy. However, if you are not following a proper lifestyle, you will have to burn more calories and improve body metabolism by going to fitness centers or opt for weight training. According to experts, if you need Wireless EMS training, you will be able to gain better muscle mass and lose weight faster as compared to other working out techniques and strategies

6: Take a Fish Oil Supplement

Over the past two decades, fish oil has become a favorite supplement of healthcare providers. It can improve both your heart health and your mental health. You can get these oils by eating fish, but most people don’t get enough to receive the true benefits. Instead, it’s best to take a supplement that gives you a powerful dose of the omega-3 oils that give you need.

In addition to fish oil supplements, you can also add more supplements into your diet according to your deficiencies. Deficiencies in vitamins can be found out early with the help of blood tests. Numerous healthcare platforms now provide you with easy online questionnaires that will reveal your deficiencies based on your lifestyle and habits. These platforms will then provide you with a customized supplement plan as per the expert recommendations. You might want to pop over to these guys to find out how you can get your supplement plan delivered to your home that would suit well as per your individual needs.

7: Introduce Healthy Bacteria to Your Body

Believe it or not, bacteria isn’t always bad for you. In fact, we work so hard to eliminate bacteria from our environment that we often kill off too much of it. Healthy bacteria in the gut can improve digestion and make you regular. It also prevents yeast infections and helps you lose weight.

8: Get a “Once a Month” Massage

You may think of a massage as a luxury item, but it does many healthy things to improve your life. Let’s say you suffer from anxiety, muscle pain, fibromyalgia, headaches, or insomnia. Getting a monthly massage helps you overcome some of the pain from these problems. But even if you don’t have these disorders, a massage can reduce stress and get more energy.

9: Eat a Clove of Garlic

Garlic is both delicious and a healthful herb to add to your diet on a daily basis. You need to eat at least one clove of garlic each day to see health benefits. (Reminder: Garlic comes in bulbs, so a clove is one of its individual sections) Garlic can improve your immune system and prevent infection from bacteria, fungi, and viruses. It’s also known to prevent cancer and reduce inflammation all over the body and improve the health of your heart.

10: Give Your Sinuses a Daily Bath

To reduce sinus infections and other illnesses, cleansing your sinuses daily is essential and will improve your health. Your sinuses come in contact with a lot of allergens and pollution as you breathe throughout the day. As those substances build up they can cause problems with sinus infections. A daily rinse removes foreign substances and protects you from infection.


You might feel a little overwhelmed after reviewing these 10 healthy habits. Odds are, you’re probably wondering how it’s possible to change everything at the same time. Don’t worry – I’m not asking you to implement all of these habits right now.

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