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Achieve Exquisite Edgebanding with HUAHUA’s Advanced Automatic Edge Banding Machine

In the realm of panel furniture manufacturing, achieving flawless edgebanding is crucial for creating high-quality products. HUAHUA, a leading provider of cutting-edge machinery, offers an exceptional solution with its HH-806RLK Automatic Edge Banding Machine. This state-of-the-art equipment is designed to optimize edgebanding processes, ensuring superior results and enhancing overall efficiency.

  1. Double PUR Gluing Units: Unrivaled Adhesion

HUAHUA’s HH-806RLK boasts double PUR gluing units, which significantly enhance the firmness of the glue application. By utilizing two separate units, the machine ensures exceptional adhesion, resulting in edgebanding that is both durable and long-lasting.

  1. Heating Lamp Preheating: Preventing Degumming

To counter the issue of degumming, the machine employs a heating lamp preheating system. This innovative feature allows the glue and edge banding tape to tightly adhere to the panel edge, mitigating the risk of degumming caused by temperature variations. The result is a seamless and reliable edgebanding process.

  1. Quick Melt Unit with Automatic Glue Suction: Streamlined Operation

The HH-806RLK comes equipped with a quick melt unit that features an automatic glue suction function. This eliminates the need to wait for the glue to melt during mass production, significantly reducing downtime. By expediting the process, manufacturers can achieve improved productivity and meet demanding production schedules.

  1. Five Powerful Pressure Wheels + One Rubber Wheel: Enhanced Precision

With the inclusion of five powerful pressure wheels and one rubber wheel, HUAHUA’s edge banding machine ensures precise and consistent application. This configuration guarantees that the edge banding tape adheres firmly and uniformly, resulting in a professional finish on each panel.

  1. Yaw Pressing Technique: Optimal Adhesion

The HH-806RLK incorporates an innovative yaw pressing technique to ensure that the edge banding tape adheres firmly. By applying pressure from multiple angles, this method promotes a secure bond between the tape and the panel surface. The result is a flawless edgebanding that withstands the test of time.


HUAHUA’s HH-806RLK Automatic Edge Banding Machine is a game-changer for panel furniture manufacturers seeking impeccable edgebanding results. With its double PUR gluing units, heating lamp preheating, quick melt unit, powerful pressure wheels, and yaw pressing technique, this machine ensures superior adhesion, durability, and aesthetics. The inclusion of additional features such as a large-screen HD monitor, customizable grooving devices, automatic oil filling, and a pre-milling unit further enhances its efficiency and versatility.

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