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Autophix 9710: The Handy Professional Scanner for BMW Vehicles

Autophix 9710 is a compact and reliable professional scanner specifically designed for BMW vehicles. With its fast detection capabilities for engine, ABS, SRS, transmission, and other control systems, the Autophix 9710 is an indispensable tool for automotive professionals. This article explores the key features and benefits of the Autophix 9710 as a convenient and efficient scanner, highlighting its unique functions for BMW vehicles. From battery registration to EGS clear adaptions, DPF regeneration, and fuel pump activation, the Autophix 9710 provides comprehensive diagnostic solutions for BMW owners and technicians.

Battery Registration for Optimal Performance

The Autophix 9710 offers a crucial function for BMW vehicles: battery registration. This feature allows automotive professionals to register a new battery or replace an existing one, ensuring optimal battery performance and longevity. By accurately registering the battery, the scanner enables the vehicle’s electrical system to operate at its full potential, preventing potential issues and ensuring a reliable power supply.

Enhanced Diagnostics and Maintenance Capabilities

In addition to battery registration, the Autophix 9710 provides advanced functions to address specific needs of BMW vehicles. The scanner offers EGS clear adaptions, allowing for the clearing and resetting of the Electronic Transmission Control Unit (EGS) adaptions. This function aids in resolving transmission-related issues and optimizing shifting performance. Furthermore, the scanner supports DPF regeneration, which helps clean and regenerate the Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) to maintain optimal emissions control. Additionally, the fuel pump activation feature allows professionals to test and activate the fuel pump, ensuring proper fuel delivery.


The Autophix 9710 professional scanner is a valuable tool for diagnosing and maintaining BMW vehicles. Automotive professionals can rely on Autophix for accurate and efficient diagnostics, ensuring optimal performance and reliability for BMW vehicles.

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