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Discover Autophix’s Universal OBD2 Scanners: The Perfect Tool for Every Distributor

Are you a distributor searching for reliable and versatile automotive diagnostic tools? Look no further than Autophix’s exceptional line of Autophix OM123. With their latest offering, the Autophix OM123, they provide unrivaled functionality and convenience to help both DIYers and professional mechanics efficiently diagnose and solve engine system issues across a wide range of vehicles.

Unleashing Powerful Diagnostic Capabilities

The Autophix OM123 is a universal OBD code reader that supports most vehicles equipped with the OBD2 standard. This fantastic tool empowers you to identify faults in the engine system quickly and accurately. Whether you need to read codes, erase codes, view live data, or analyze freeze frames, the OM123 gets the job done effortlessly, saving you precious time and money on repairs.

Effortless On-Screen Display

Gone are the days of scrolling through endless menus to find code definitions! With the Autophix OM123’s large screen and code explanation feature, fault codes and their definitions are displayed clearly on the screen, providing instant access to crucial information. Say goodbye to guesswork and confusion, and say hello to a seamless diagnostic experience.

Multilingual Menu Interface

To cater to a global distribution base, Autophix’s OM123 scanner offers an optional multilingual menu interface. Drivers can select their preferred language among English, French, German, Spanish, Russian, Portuguese, Finnish, and Dutch. This feature enhances usability and ensures a comfortable diagnostic experience for users worldwide.


Partnering with Autophix as a distributor means gaining access to a comprehensive range of universal OBD2 scanners that deliver exceptional performance and reliability. With the Autophix OM123, you can confidently offer your target audience cutting-edge diagnostic tools that meet their needs. Whether it’s enhancing the functionality of their personal vehicles or providing professional-grade solutions, Autophix has you covered.

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