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Elevate Events with YES TECH’s Mwall and FN Series: Unmatched LED Screens for Unforgettable Experiences

YEE TECH has LED screens for retail. Transform the way you showcase events with YES TECH‘s Mwall and FN Series, meticulously crafted to redefine the standards of LED screens for unforgettable experiences. Their screens can be used as LED screen for events, outdoor, indoor and so on.

Mwall Series Full Metal Lightweight Outdoor Large Screen

YES TECH’s Mwall Series emerges as a pinnacle for outdoor event brilliance, presenting a full metal lightweight design that not only maximizes energy-saving by up to 50% but also ensures a seamless blend of efficiency and aesthetics. With an impressive 10000 Nits high brightness, this series guarantees vivid visuals even in challenging outdoor environments. The innovative curved splicing feature and versatile 90° angle support allow for dynamic configurations, creating immersive displays that captivate event attendees. Additionally, the convenience of front and rear maintenance adds a layer of practicality, ensuring seamless operation during events.

FN Series Super Cost-Efficient Indoor Fixed Installation

Indoor events demand a perfect blend of elegance and cost-efficiency, precisely what the FN Series by YES TECH provides. With pixel pitches ranging from 1.9 to 4.8mm, the FN Series becomes the canvas for captivating indoor event displays. From corporate gatherings to entertainment venues, this series offers stunning visuals that immerse the audience in an unforgettable experience. The super cost-efficient design ensures that event organizers can create impactful displays without compromising on quality.


YES TECH’s Mwall and FN Series redefine LED screens for events, offering unparalleled brilliance and cost-efficiency. Whether it’s an outdoor extravaganza or an indoor gathering, these series set a new standard for event displays. Elevate your events with YES TECH’s Mwall and FN Series, ensuring every moment becomes an unforgettable visual spectacle. These two series can be LED screens for retail or LED screen for events. Let your events shine with the unmatched brilliance of YES TECH’s LED screens.

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