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Elevate Industrial Efficiency with FRECON’s FR150A Series Multifunctional Inverter

FRECON, a trailblazer in industrial automation solutions, introduces the transformative FR150A Series Multifunctional Inverter. With a focus on power, precision, and adaptability, this series stands as a pinnacle of innovation in the realm of single-phase to 3-phase inverters. Offering a diverse power range from 0.2 kW to an impressive 160 kW, FRECON’s FR150A Series redefines industrial energy conversion and control, making it an indispensable asset across various applications.

Versatility Meets Power: Seamless Conversion

The FR150A Series Multifunctional Inverter by FRECON epitomizes versatility and power. With the ability to seamlessly convert single-phase 220V input to three-phase outputs, it caters to a wide spectrum of industrial motor applications. Whether it’s standard wiring configurations for 220V or 380V asynchronous motors or specialized setups, the FR150A Series offers a solution tailored to your needs. Its adaptive nature ensures optimal performance and precision in diverse operational scenarios.

Cutting-Edge Control for Precision and Reliability

At the core of the FR150A Series lies advanced control technology that delivers unmatched torque, precision, and reliability. This new-generation main model inverter boasts a power range of 0.2-160 kW, making it a versatile powerhouse for industrial processes. Its integrated features, including simple PLC PID adjustment, programmable input/output terminals, RS485 port, and analog input/output, enhance control capabilities, allowing for seamless integration into equipment matching, environmental transformation, automation control, and specialized industrial applications.

Empowering Industrial Transformation

The FR150A Series Multifunctional Inverter represents FRECON’s commitment to transforming industrial operations. With its comprehensive power range, advanced control features, and adaptability to various motor types, this inverter presents a cohesive solution for diverse industrial challenges. From enhancing efficiency and precision to enabling automation and specialized control, FRECON’s FR150A Series is a game-changer in the realm of single-phase to three-phase energy conversion.


FRECON’s FR150A Series Multifunctional Inverter is poised to revolutionize the industrial landscape. By seamlessly converting single-phase to three-phase power, this series embodies adaptability, precision, and power. Whether for standard applications or specialized needs, the FR150A Series serves as an integrated solution that empowers industries to achieve efficiency, control, and automation. Embrace the transformative power of FRECON’s FR150A Series and embark on a journey toward elevated industrial performance and innovation.

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