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Elevate Your Feminine Hygiene with Shuya’s Advanced 8-Layer Technology Sanitary Napkins

Discover unparalleled protection and comfort with Shuya’s Sanitary Napkin Vendors and wholesale sanitary towels, featuring advanced 8-layer technology designed to meet your menstrual needs.

1st Layer: Thin Silk and Soft Cotton Surface

Experience rapid absorption with the thin silk and soft cotton surface, absorbing liquid three times faster for ultimate dryness and comfort.

2nd Layer: Green Negative Ion Chip

Enhance antibacterial capabilities with the green negative ion chip, promoting a healthier and hygienic menstrual cycle.

3rd Layer: Air-Laid Paper Wrap

Enjoy a gentle and cushioned feel with the air-laid paper wrap, ensuring comfort throughout the day.

4th Layer: Unique Padding Absorption

Prevent side leakage with the unique padding absorption, providing well-balanced absorption for enhanced protection.

5th Layer: Super Absorbent Polymer

Lock in moisture swiftly with the super absorbent polymer, keeping you dry and confident during heavy flow days.

6th Layer: Air-Laid Paper Wrap

Maintain freshness with the additional layer of air-laid paper wrap, promoting breathability and comfort.

7th Layer: Breathable Bottom Layer

Promote airflow with the breathable bottom layer, preventing moisture build-up and ensuring lasting comfort.

8th Layer: Release Paper with Back Adhesive

Experience a secure fit with the release paper and back adhesive, designed for ergonomic comfort and ease of wear.


Trust Shuya as your premier Sanitary Napkin Vendors and wholesale sanitary towels for superior quality and performance. With their commitment to excellence and innovation, they strive to provide women everywhere with the ultimate protection and comfort during their menstrual cycle. Contact them today to experience the difference with their wholesale sanitary towels and elevate your feminine hygiene routine to new heights.

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