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Elevating Diagnostic Standards in HPV Screening with Tianlong’s Testing Kit

With increasing vaccination rates and the growing prevalence of cervical adenocarcinoma, effective HPV screening is more crucial than ever. Tianlong‘s HPV PCR Detection Kit stands out as a superior diagnostic tool that caters to the pressing need for accurate identification of high-risk HPV strains, crucial for preventing cervical cancer.

Exceptional Precision in HPV Genotype Detection

Tianlong’s kit excels in precision, demonstrating a coefficient of variation in Ct values of less than 5%, which signifies minimal variability and high reliability in results. This accuracy is further augmented by the use of Tianlong’s specialized extraction reagents, ensuring that the test outcomes are not only precise but also reproducible, providing clinicians with the confidence needed to make informed decisions about patient care.

Robust Design and Broad Compatibility

The kit’s user-friendly nature is exemplified by its compatibility with multiple fluorescence detection channels, accommodating a variety of laboratory settings. This flexibility is coupled with the ability to detect a pool of 16 additional high-risk HPV genotypes alongside specific identification of HPV 16 and 18, making it a versatile tool in the diagnosis and management of potential cervical cancer cases.


Tianlong’s HPV testing kit is at the forefront of transforming cervical health diagnostics. By incorporating robust technology and comprehensive detection capabilities, Tianlong not only supports the early detection of cervical cancer but also propels forward the standards of diagnostic practices in healthcare. This commitment to excellence solidifies Tianlong’s position as a leader in the field, driving better health outcomes and patient management strategies across the globe.

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