THarness today is quite a banal accessory that girls demonstrate not only on the catwalks, but also in everyday life.

Of course, women harness has no practical value, but we immediately made it clear that we are talking about an accessory, and its task is to emphasize and complement. And with this mission she copes simply perfectly. It is combined with dresses, shirts and sundresses, tops and shorts, lingerie leather and attracts attention and places accents – it emphasizes the beauty of the curves of the female figure, adds a touch of sexuality and charm to it.

Thus, the versatility of the harness made it popular, and the ability to combine it with different styles – hippie, punk, casual, gothic, etc. attracts more women. Even with business strict styles, the harness gets along, adding elegance and sophistication.

However, this accessory is wayward. Therefore, there are fairly clear rules, failure to comply with which will spoil the expected result, make your image not elegant and attractive, but vulgar. In order for wearing a belt to bring you pleasure and admiring glances of others, to give confidence and complement your style, we want to share with you tips on choosing and combining it.

Does a harness suit everyone?

As we noted earlier, the harness for woman is a capricious accessory, and when choosing it, you need to take into account the features and proportions of the figure.

So, for example, women with posture disorders, scoliosis or other diseases of the musculoskeletal system are not recommended to wear a harness. This is due to the attention that this piece of clothing will attract to problem parts of the body. Straps will lie down with irregular geometry and only aggravate problem areas, making a woman insecure and exacerbate complexes of appearance.

Another “contraindication” to wearing a harness is considered broad shoulders and an upper shoulder girdle. It only emphasizes this disproportion of your figure, making it less feminine. However, if this does not bother you, then you can wear a harness with a simple design of wide plain weave straps.

It is not recommended to wear for girls with large breasts, because it does not look aesthetically pleasing and draws too much attention to the décolleté area. However, as an erotic accessory, this option is quite suitable and, on the contrary, will give you confidence in your femininity and sexuality, especially in combination with additional attributes of an erotic nature: sexy lingerie bondage, leg garter, bondage bunny, harness bra and chokers sexual or something like that.

The material of the harness matters

Today, designers use a huge amount of materials to create accessories. Therefore, you can find a harness of a variety of materials: genuine leather, silicone, eco-leather, elastic, chains, beads and much more.

The classic option is natural vegetable tanned leather. It is durable, practical and looks elegant. Lacquered genuine leather will also be a good option for a party harness, and capricious fashionistas can choose a premium quality soft nappa. Genuine leather comes in a wide variety of colors, and most leather manufacturers use water-based paints that are safe for your skin and the environment. However, if you want a non-standard color, then here you should pay attention to the substitute leather.

Eco leather is an inexpensive and widespread material. A harness from it should be chosen if you quickly change styles and do not adhere to a certain image. Such an accessory will quickly become unusable, but it will be enough for you for several appearances. The palette of colors and shades of eco-leather attracts with its diversity, since there are much more options than in the palette of belt genuine leather, but we prefer not to talk about the hypoallergenicity of dyes.

For a bright and original look, a chain harness is suitable. You can devote a separate article to it, so we note that such jewelry is called “bodychain” and is a combination of chains of different lengths in the form of weaves of various types or intricate patterns with additional elements (stones, rhinestones, rings and pendants). Harness with chains on leather underwear with bdsm handcuffs looks spectacular.

How to choose the right model

Of the model options, give preference to those that provide adjustment straps with buckles. This allows you to achieve a “perfect” fit and the ability to adjust to your parameters if you intend to wear it with different clothes, including those with bare body parts. It is also convenient if your parameters change and you plan to lose weight or get better.

Where to buy a harness

Another important issue is the choice. If you decide to add this original accessory to your wardrobe, then you should carefully consider choosing a store. It is best to purchase in a store where you can try on a harness.

However, given the constant employment of modern women and the convenience of shopping in online stores, he advises you to turn your attention to trusted brands, such as, where they will advise you and help you choose the right model for your parameters. It is also possible to custom-make any of your designs, even from a photo from the Internet.

Delivery all over the world, and the quality of the material and accessories is premium.

We are happy to make your wildest dream come true.

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