How to Choose the Best Eyewear for Your Facial Structure

Understanding which eyeglass styles are best for your facial structure can assist you in choosing a style that enhances your facial features. One must understand that every face structure is unique and a blend of various shapes. The shape of your specs or sunglasses either sharpens or dulls your look, so make choices that complement the face rather than covering it.

Consider this guide for sunglasses for men and look like a king of the season.

Inverted Triangle

In this face shape, your jaw is more prominent than your forehead and constricts with straight edges.

A rounder glass will contrast the rigid structure of your forehead, but don’t let it hide the brows completely. This is why a hexagonal, pentagonal, or round form with acetate (essentially high-end acrylic) anywhere along the brow line may only emphasise the breadth of your head. What about a double-bridged, wire-framed edition? Take a chance. If you’re looking for something traditional, consider a tortoiseshell design with a barrel hinge for a retro touch.


The face has more length than width, with a gently curved jaw and temples. Your brows are likewise a little broader than your jawline.

Thank your lucky stars; the oval facial structure is the simplest to match with a sunglasses set. One can pull off almost everything. Aviators? Sure! Large reflectors? So why not? There are also spherical and oblong sunglasses and even pentagon and hexagon shaped glasses to amp up the look.


The name itself justifies this particular one. The breadth and height of your face are virtually comparable, so you’ve got a perfectly squared-off jawline.

One factor to keep in mind: you do not want to seem like a container. Since the structure of your face is already quite balanced, you need to find glasses that don’t disbalance it. Please do not go for super wide or miniature glasses, as they may completely ruin the look. Instead, a circular or standard rectangular frame will smoothly blend with the broadness of the upper part of the face and deliver a classic style.


Bolder angles define this facial form. The size and width are comparable, but the temples are more prominent, and the jawline is clearly outlined. The structure may be close to a diamond, just with rounded edges.

Every one of the angular shapes on your face indicates that you have a lot of styles to work with. Spherical and angular forms can be used. Just make sure not to opt for specifically sharp frames as they might give a heavier appearance to the structure of your face.


Have you ever seen a loop? Whenever you glance in the mirror, do you notice something similar? If yes, it means all the dimensions of your face are identical.

Although some advice avoids rounder frames, you don’t have to restrict yourself. But proceed with care.

Flat, spherical sunglasses for men are not likely to benefit you. A diagonal aviator with curved edges, on the other hand? That will do marvels.


Consider this to be a gentler version of the upside-down triangle. The head is still more prominent than the jaw, but the curve surrounding the facial structure is softer.

Something rather broad or big is probably recommended, but don’t worry; you have a hidden weapon. The traditional tear-drop frame, like the aviator, flatters most features, but it’s particularly flattering on heart-shaped forms, where it lends a bit more volume to the bottom half of the jaw. Choose a retro style with glossy rims and flash glass, or go for something more subtle with a smooth finish and bright shade.

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