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Chess with rewards is an attractive game that attracts many bettors who love intellectual games. Not only entertaining, this game also challenges players with extremely intense mind battles, demonstrating strategy during play. To understand more about this fascinating game, please refer to the information Instructions for playing chess The following is from New88 today.

Some details about Chinese Chess with rewards

Chess is a game of Chinese origin but now this game has quickly become popular all over the world. With the continuous development of technology, this game now has a form of chess and prize exchange. This subject is attractive, not only entertaining but also helps develop intelligence and thinking ability extremely effectively.

Chess game with rewards is a game with rules that are not much different from the traditional form. Previously, if you wanted to play Chinese chess, you had to find someone to play with, but with this form, everything becomes much simpler because the number of participants is extremely large.

Currently, there are many publishers providing this game, and also providing the best chess playing instructions to support players. Accordingly, you can exchange virtual money into real money and play on many different operating systems, using your phone or laptop to participate. Players are given a chess game account to redeem free rewards.

Chinese chess with rewards is no different from the traditional form

Instructions for playing Chinese chess: simple rules you need to understand

Similar to the traditional form of playing Chinese chess, each online Chinese chess board will consist of 1 chess board and include 32 chess pieces and each side has 16 pieces. The chess boards are all beautifully designed in traditional Chinese style. You need to firmly grasp the rules of the game according to the instructions for playing Chinese chess at the house.
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Pieces in Chinese chess exchange rewards

Each prize exchange chess board will be a rectangle consisting of 9 vertical lines and 10 horizontal lines perpendicular to each other. Each chess piece is symbolized by Chinese characters and moves according to certain rules, specific instructions for playing Chinese chess are:

  • General: Can only move vertically and horizontally on the chessboard, and move within the arc, one move at a time.
  • Si: Allowed to move diagonally and move within arc range.
  • Bishop: Moves diagonally and cannot cross the opponent’s river.
  • Vehicle: Moves horizontally and vertically on the chessboard. If blocked, it will not be able to continue moving.
  • Code: Can move 2 cells horizontally, 1 cell vertically or 2 cells vertically and 1 cell horizontally with each different move. If during the move there is a piece blocking the way, the knight must move in another direction.
  • Cannon: Can move horizontally or vertically like a rook, but if Cannon wants to capture a piece, it will have to jump over a piece to capture it. When not capturing a piece, if it wants to move the cannon must have no pieces blocking its way.
  • Pawn: Each Pawn can move one move. In case it has not crossed the river, the pawn can only go straight. If it passes, it can move one move or continue going straight.

Instructions for playing Chinese chess and how to move

Simple instructions for playing Chinese chess

Each chess board will include 2 generals, 4 soldiers, 4 bishops, 4 rooks, 4 knights, 4 artillery pieces and 10 additional pawns. These pieces are divided equally between two players and are denoted with different colors, usually red and black. The Chinese chess game will end when one side has checkmate but the other side is unable to counterattack or the turn has ended.

If the player violates the safety of the chess piece, the game will stop. When both sides have played 30 moves but the result has not been determined and one team wants to lose the game, the game will be announced as ending.

The Chinese chess game will end when one side checks and does not counterattack

How to download the chess game with prizes to your computer is extremely easy

If you are passionate and skilled at playing Chinese chess, making money from this game is not difficult. Currently, many game portals have released many different versions and instructions for playing Chinese chess. Most of these games are designed based on traditional folk style but are also very scientific so players can easily use them. To download the game, please follow these steps:

  • Step 1: First, go to CH Play store or App Store then type the keyword “Chess with rewards” in the search bar.
  • Step 2: Select one of the results to install on your device, wait a few minutes for the application to download to your device.
  • Step 3: Open the application to register and experience, you also need to note whether the game’s configuration and capacity are enough to download the game or not. Otherwise, it will not be possible to install or will experience unpleasant lag.

Hopefully, through sharing Instructions for playing chess above, you can understand clearly. Try your fighting and reasoning skills on the chess “battlefield” to receive the biggest rewards.

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