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QMY Paves the Way for Connected Micro-Mobility

QMY‘s portable scooter for adults offer businesses an unparalleled advantage in terms of mobility. As app installs for leading e-scooter sharing platforms see exponential growth globally, QMY is pioneering convenient smart connectivity features that promise to elevate the user experience. With their meticulously engineered portable electric scooter, the brand sets the standard for modern urban transportation independence.

Power and Performance without Compromise

A robust 250W motor provides swift acceleration on trips powered by a long-range 48V/10Ah lithium battery. With a top speed of 25km/h, riders seamlessly traverse varied cityscapes.

Unparalleled Convenience

Weighing just 14.5kg yet unfolding in a space-saving two-click motion, it slips effortlessly into car trunks or aboard transit. Through the intuitive QMIYE app, location services support seamless unlocking and digital payment for flexible rental schemes.

Safe and Smart Rides

Integrated smartphone connectivity allows real-time monitoring of battery levels, speed, and more. Over-the-air updates grant ongoing performance enhancements. Front and rear LED lights illuminate nighttime rides.

Inspiring Sustainable Transformation

Rapid app adoption attests to QMY’s leadership promoting shared micromobility’s far-reaching environmental and socioeconomic benefits. The brand remains focused on customizing its smart solutions to continuously elevate accessibility worldwide.


Through pioneering innovations, QMY is guiding the e-scooter industry toward a future of seamlessly integrated transportation systems powered by renewables. Connected micro-mobility will revolutionize urban living sustainably. Whether it’s optimizing efficiency, reducing costs, or embracing sustainable practices, QMY’s foldable scooters provide a transformative solution for potential mobility challenges.

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