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Simplifying Critical Care with Superior Accuracy With Edan’s Blood Gas Machine i20

In the realm of critical care, a reliable and efficient blood gas machine is essential for swift and accurate diagnostics. Edan‘s cutting-edge blood gas machine, the i20, stands out as a pinnacle of simplicity, intelligence, and superior performance, offering a comprehensive solution for healthcare providers in need of preciSE Series and efficient blood gas analysis.

Unmatched Accuracy and Precision for Reliable Diagnostics

Edan’s i20 is renowned for its best-in-class accuracy and precision, ensuring that healthcare providers can rely on the machine’s results for critical diagnostic decisions. With its ability to provide consistent and reliable data, the i20 empowers healthcare professionals to make informed and accurate decisions, ultimately leading to improved patient outcomes and enhanced quality of care.

Simplified Operation and Zero Maintenance

The i20’s user-friendly design and auto-sampling feature significantly reduce hands-on time and training requirements for healthcare personnel. Its zero maintenance requirement further enhances its appeal, allowing healthcare providers to focus on patient care without the hassle of extensive machine upkeep. This simplicity and ease of use make the i20 a valuable asset in any critical care setting.

Enhanced Efficiency for Swift Interventions

The i20’s short Turnaround Time (TAT) is a crucial asset in critical care, enabling earlier diagnosis and interventions. By delivering rapid and accurate results, the i20 facilitates timely medical interventions, improving patient management and increasing the likelihood of positive health outcomes. Its integrated data transmission capability synchronizes reports with various information systems, allowing for seamless data management and streamlined patient care processes.


For healthcare providers seeking a reliable and user-friendly blood gas machine that offers superior accuracy and streamlined operations, Edan’s i20 stands as the ideal solution. With its emphasis on simplicity, intelligence, and superior performance, the i20 embodies Edan’s commitment to providing innovative and reliable medical solutions that empower healthcare professionals to deliver exceptional care and achieve optimal patient outcomes.

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