Ways to Tackle Study Anxiety

Study anxiety is a psychological condition where students have to go through extreme mental pressure on the basis of their performance. This anxiety happens with professionals also because in their performance also they are assumed to perform according to the instructions. Pressure is good for the students in the name of performance but when it goes beyond the limit then it becomes harmful for the psychological status of the students. Though there are several new tools like the learning management system and school management system which are helping the students to cope up with such anxiety, such situations still need specific methods to deal with. Such anxiety makes the students think negatively about themselves and degrades their performance day by day. There are various forms and traits of study anxiety which usually we don’t recognize but it keeps on harming the mind and psychological status continuously. It hurts the body also by snatching sleep from the body and in lack of proper sleep students’ physical growth gets affected. We can understand its format in simple indications like when a businessman forgets his flash drive in an important meeting which had all the details of presentations and had no back up too or a student who forgot his or her admit card in a competitive exam and have no time to retrieve it etc., in all these types of situations whatever format of nervousness goes through the mind of the person suffering is called as study or performance anxiety.

Let’s understand how students can tackle such situations which harm their academic performance also. First of all, students should leave procrastinating their tasks of any type, doesn’t matter from personal life or academic life. They need to understand that the habits made in school time or in academic life run along for a very long time and sometimes it becomes almost impossible to leave such habits. For example, if a student is given any assignment by the tutor, then he/she should start working on it early without procrastinating so that along with time, the assignment may get completed and students will have proper time to memorize it and perform well. Sometimes solutions to such situations come out of those sources about which no one can even think of, like if students follow the working of the learning management system and school management system then a very good thing pops up which’s called planning. Just like these two tools of managing a school, students should also make some plans for their study to complete their learning tasks timely so that they can attain time to revise as much as possible. So, students should assign themselves a task to decrease study pressure daily topic by topic.  All of the above if a student wants to stay away from all these criticalities, then he or she needs to take care of himself/herself by taking care of his or her physical and mental health for which he/she needs to keep eating, drinking in ample amounts and timely also. He/she needs to take an ample amount of sound sleep of at least 8 hours so that body and mind can remain in a healthy equilibrium. For mental peace students should take some time out for themselves and listen to sweet music or watch some comedy movies to lighten the psychological pressure.

No student can give his or her best in the matter of performance if his or her physical and mental status is not in sound condition. Therefore, it is necessary that a student should take breaks, though there are so many suggestions in the matter of taking breaks but as far as my opinion is concerned, I suggest that students should take breaks according to their convenience but they should. It is so, because regular study is good but without breaks it becomes boring, hurtful for eyes and mind and gets exhausted, and all these three symptoms are of anxiety. So, be concentrated on your tasks but take breaks so that these short-breaks can work as small clusters of recharge in the mind and body. If the situation goes out of control, then students should seek help from tutors, parents or mentors. And all of the above students must give themselves some rewards for their tireless efforts so that they can feel worthy and happy and can attain courage to cope up with study anxiety.

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