3 Tips that are necessary to grow your business

In this article we will show you 3 most important business tips to grow your career. Before starting, we wanna suggest beginner business enthusiasts to implement online platforms in their businesses. Every big corporation is focusing on social medias, because online marketing is the most relevant in 2022. If you’re confused about which social media is the most optimal, just create an instagram profile. Instagram has the best features which allows people to popularize their products across the internet. To rapidly grow your profit, you can buy Instagram views for the best price and reach a broader audience.

1 – Surround yourself with a loyal, honest and passionate team

For not working your life pushing your team. Look for attitude first, skills second. Passionate collaborators or partners like you, with a sense of commitment and loyalty, will allow you to rely on them. This will greatly facilitate the work of delegation. 

Recruiting is not necessarily easy, it is often a matter of compromise. Don’t fantasize too much about your ideal candidate or you could quickly become disillusioned.

Prefer a person with the right attitude, motivated and passionate but less technically gifted, than the candidate being said to be perfect on CV with ideal skills but totally unmanageable.

2 – Refine recruitment

Recruitment is a profession in its own right . Never improvise as a recruiter without preparation . I’ve been a headhunter for several years and believe me it’s very tricky. If you cannot get help or advice from professionals:  Prepare for your interviews by searching the internet for guidelines and advice. Write your questions in advance  that you will have defined according to your needs. And above all, never rely on just one opinion . Arrange several interviews , with at least one other person. Define your expectations upstream, a common evaluation grid to all examiners. Then compare and debrief . Finally, carry out a systematic reference check by asking the candidate to provide at least 2 people to contact.

When starting a business, a good recruitment can make you move forward, but a bad one can crash your company!

3 – Put people at the center and  before business

It’s a mistake that many business leaders make: spending all their time looking for clients while neglecting their team.

One of the missions of an  entrepreneur is to lead, protect, defend, listen to his team, primarily BEFORE his clients . Do you not agree? As an entrepreneur, you are the conductor . You therefore turn your back on the public, on the listeners (the customers) to direct the musicians (your team) and have them all play together in harmony and rhythm . It’s your team that serves your customers and keeps the business running. Just like the musicians play for the public by facing it.

To turn away from your team and from people in general is to lose sight of the essential. The consequences are often very quickly visible and can be very expensive: demotivation, resignations, crises, internal problems, with all the repercussions that this implies.

The 1st criterion for the resignation of an employee, in any company, is the lack of recognition by his  hierarchical superior.

Integrate human management methods, where recognition, appreciation, listening, the possibility of making mistakes, challenge and initiative are fundamental principles . Respect a framework and your commitments and you will earn the loyalty and fidelity of your employees forever.

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