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4 Tips to Purchase an Engagement Ring

Are you up for the search for the perfect engagement ring? While gearing up to pop the question, finding the right ring for your beloved can get overwhelming. There are several factors you must take into consideration while buying engagement rings in New Zealand. Usually, the first consideration is the price, and a one-carat diamond in New Zealand ranges between $5000 and $40,000. Then there’s balancing 4C’s and other factors like diamond shapes, fluorescence and sizing.

Whether you have some ideas about the choice ring or are starting from scratch, the following tips can help you with your purchase.

  1. Have a Budget

You must have come across many engagement ring buying guides suggesting a budget of two to three months of your salary for the ring. The average annual salary in New Zealand ranges between $24,600 and $434,000. In that case, some of you must have to cut costs to save for a ring.

However, that should not be the case. You must have your budget and be able to purchase a decent enough ring at that price. Getting married and starting life is costly, and going out of your way to buy an engagement ring is not worth it. So, don’t get stressed and buy a ring according to your affordability.

  1. Know Her Style

Every individual has a distinct style that makes for their uniqueness. Therefore, before starting your search for the engagement ring, you must look at her other jewellery pieces. Make sure you note whether your partner prefers white gold over yellow gold or she likes to wear more modern designs rather than vintage pieces.

You can also gain some insight as you peek through her collection of accessories and clothing. For example, an ornate halo ring could be perfect if your partner wears more floral or vintage dresses. Moreover, a platinum bevelled ring can be the best choice for someone with a sleek and sharp style.

  1. Decide the Shape

You may be surprised to find a sheer number of shapes available as you start looking for engagement rings in New Zealand. From round to oval shapes, there are shapes available for every personality. While some prefer the good old round solitaire, others prefer experimenting with something unique like a pear-shaped solitaire.

If the appearance of size is a priority, you can go for the marquise or the emerald cut that showcases the size better than the diamonds in other shapes of the same weight.

  1. Understand the Basics

The kiwis spend an average of $3500 on an engagement ring. To make the right choice before you spend your hard-earned money, you must understand the basics like cut, colour, clarity and carat.

The 4C’s are discussed below:

Cut: Cut is the way the diamond is shaped. Choose an ideal or excellent cut diamond if you want maximum fire and brilliance.

Colour: Colour determines how white a diamond is. D-graded diamonds are considered the best in colour.

Clarity: Clarity grades the internal and external flaws in a diamond. VS1 and VS2 offer the best clarity.

Carat: Carat is the weight measurement. Find the ring of the largest cut that fits your budget and beautifully cut to get the desired sparkle.

Also, don’t forget to assess the credibility of the jeweller. Any jeweller selling diamond jewellery in New Zealand must have GIA, HRD, JVCO or IGI certification. The certification is proof that the trader is guaranteeing the value and quality of your purchase.

When you are done with your search, don’t forget to negotiate before purchasing. Engagement rings are marked up a lot higher than the necessary margins. Therefore, before pulling the trigger, it is worthwhile to negotiate and get the best deal for your money.

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