Skill-Lync Placement Programs – What Should You Know?

Over the past few years, the core mechanical engineering roles require the students to bring more than just theoretical knowledge to the table. Companies are looking forward to hiring skilled mechanical engineering roles and the students to have completely taken the practical projects and internalised learning by doing instead of just reading. You can make the most of your career by joining the job guarantee program.

Does skill lync provide placement?

Yes, skill Lync provides placement. It is your go-to place for all the industry-relevant advanced courses for engineers. The courses here are reverse-engineered to every specific job but are also designed in collaboration with industry professionals to help build different portfolios of projects.

If you are looking forward to getting the degree as an undergraduate or a professional and want to get into the core of the mechanical engineering domain, then you would be wondering what jobs you can apply to post-skill Lync postgraduate courses.

You can, of course, join the job guarantee program and make the most of your career. Under this article, you can get insight into the portfolio of offerings. The benefits of the various offerings are the knowledge and skills that you can expect to gain from the master’s program. You will also get an overview of the skill Lync track record allowing the students to get the core mechanical engineering roles.

Benefits of the postgraduate program considering the job perspective

CFD postgraduate

Pause graduate courses featuring computational fluid dynamics can help equip the students with almost all the skills of important tools, including HyperMesh, that’ll allow them to set up the boundary conditions.

Cae Postgraduate

When you take up this program, you can get into the preprocessing jobs or even As the jobs of Fea analysts. If you are a Mtech student, then you can get your hands on decent coding skills and can also apply for the FEa software developer job.

Design postgraduate

You can potentially get into design engineering roles after the completion of the course, provided you take up the postgraduate design program. You can also build a great portfolio of design projects and get a good job. Besides that, you can also join specialised jobs which require you to get solid modelling best design engineering roles or engineering roles featuring surface modelling plastics, depending on your skill sets.


To date, more than 150 students have got jobs in core mechanical engineering with the help of these courses. Based on these placements, the undergraduate mechanical engineering student, even with 0% experience, can expect to get a job with a starting CTC of INR 2.5 lakhs to 4.5 lakhs.

Hence, whenever anybody is doing any course, they have it in the back of their mind to try and get the placement for it. The placement programs of Skill-Lync are excellent.

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