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The Importance of Exercise

You have roughly 640 muscles and all these muscles must be used! If you do not use them, you lose them! If they are not used, they then start to lose their tone, strength and flexibility! Exercise need not be violent and there are hundreds of ways to exercise the human body. The best and greatest of all exercise is brisk walking: no special equipment is required except good walking shoes. You can walk vigorously, swinging your arms, for a good workout or just take a stroll. When you walk and breathe in deeply as you stride along you are building Vital Force and stimulating the eliminating and cleansing processes. After walking, swimming is the second-greatest exercise. Any sport that brings into play the muscles of the body can be part of your daily healthy lifestyle. Tennis and even gardening are considered wonderful exercise. You should also have a 20 to 30 minute daily exercise program of stretching, aerobics, etc. and breathing exercises

Help for Varicose Veins and Leg Swelling

This is good for relieving swollen feet, ankles and legs: lie on the bed or floor and Legs Up place your feet up on wall, placing buttocks Reduces close to the wall. You can also use the Swelling palms of your hands like little irons, gently pressuring legs from the ankles down to the tops of thighs. This also helps to get any pooled blood and water back into circulation. This brings soothing relief to legs and also varicose veins, because it helps recirculate the stagnant blood in the leg veins, also taking CoQ10, Enzymes & Omega-3 helps. After gentle massage, it’s ideal to close eyes 20 minutes and listen to soft music or take short revitalizing power nap to recharge.

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Big Muscles Don’t Prove You’re Healthy!

Just because men or women are athletic or powerfully built with great strength and endurance does not mean that they are internally clean! Far from it. Many athletic people overeat on the heavy, stimulating foods. We know weightlifters who eat 4 or 5 pounds of meat daily, drink quarts of milk and stuff other heavy, stimulating foods into their stomach. They feel it gives them big, powerful muscles and great physical powers. But we have also seen many of those former athletes die in their early 50s and 60s. No, not all athletes necessarily live longer than others! When they stop their heavy exercising – thus slowing down their circulation – the toxic poisons build up from their diet of heavy proteins, fats, refined sugars, etc. This causes an overall slowdown in their protein-burdened body. The toxic poisons are no longer being continually flushed out by the heavy exercising, which they stopped.

Daily Exercise Helps Keep You Healthy

We are 100% for physical fitness and exercise! Now, please do not misunderstand us. We think the ideal combination of natural nutrition, multi vitamin-mineral supplements (especially vitamin E) and exercise can work wonders for a person. We love hiking, swimming, tennis, mountain climbing, progressive weight-training and most forms of exercise, plus organic gardening! Every day of our lives we should look forward to some physical activity. To over-rest is to rust! If you don’t use your muscles – your muscles will lose their firmness, tone and strength. But we also realize our bodies must be kept clean of toxic poisons by our weekly 24 hour detox water fast plus, 3 or 4 times a year, plan a fast lasting from 7 to 10 days.


Self-improvements have been shown to be effective to help you accept yourself for what you are and feel positive for what you see in yourself and your future goals! Goals practiced daily for about 15 minutes are more productive than spending all your waking hours fighting to lose weight, or other negatives you find in yourself. During self-hypnosis (self-guidance) tell yourself to let go all the bad feelings about yourself, breathe deeply, then relax. Concentrate on feeling comfortable at each area of your body and tell yourself to treat yourself more lovingly. When you can forgive yourself, you’ll be able to forgive others easier and feel better about yourself and everyone around you! This helps you become motivated into loving action to improve your entire lifestyle on all levels.

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