How to Choose Defibrillators Appropriately

While AED hospital products used in professional medical facilities rely on the understanding and knowledge of physicians to defibrillate patients promptly, the intervention of public AED devices becomes necessary in public spaces where SCA occurs due to the lack of guidance from medical professionals and a reserve of professional medical knowledge in the general population. What is the difference between AEDs in public spaces and hospitals? Mindray brings some detailed introduction.

Main Differences

AED is hung in public places and can be used for non-professional emergency resuscitation of automatic external defibrillator. There are instructions on the top of the instrument, there are electrode pads coated with conductive paste, automatic recognition of ECG, and voice prompts for operation. The operator only needs to apply the electrode to the designated area and operate according to the voice prompts.

The cardiac defibrillator equipped in the emergency room or operating room of the hospital is generally not an AED, but a professional medical defibrillator with more functions and options, which is required to be judged and specifically selected by the medical personnel.

Even if it is operated by medical personnel, professional training is required. And theoretically, medical personnel should master the use, but without the professional training of ordinary emergency personnel, but also cannot yet do everyone will use it. Improper use may be counterproductive.


Using the right defibrillator at the right time can be life-saving for patients in sudden cardiac arrest. And in situations where medical personnel are not immediately available, a high-quality, dependable AED device from Mindray is an effective life-saving tool. Visit their official website for more information.

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