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Embracing Sustainable Power: Sunway Solar’s 20kW Solar System

In the quest for sustainable energy solutions, solar panel manufacturer-Sunway Solar, a renowned solar panel manufacturer, offers a cutting-edge 20kW Solar System that empowers individuals and businesses to harness the power of the sun. This comprehensive system combines high-quality components, including solar panels, an off-grid solar inverter, a solar battery bank, and a robust mounting system, to create a reliable and efficient renewable energy solution.

High-Performance Solar Panels

At the heart of Sunway Solar’s 20kW solar system are their high-performance solar panels. These panels are equipped with advanced technologies, such as half-cell mono/poly design, PERC/HJT/All Black/Frameless technology, and 5BB, 6BB, 9BB, 10BB, 12BB, or MBB configurations. With positive power tolerance and double-inspection for defects, these panels ensure maximum power generation while maintaining exceptional durability and reliability. The inclusion of a waterproof label on the back of each panel adds an extra layer of protection.

Efficient Off-Grid Solar Inverter

The off-grid solar inverter included in Sunway Solar’s 20kW system is a pure sine wave inverter that guarantees reliable and stable power conversion. It features a built-in MPPT solar charge controller, allowing for efficient energy harvesting from the solar panels. The inverter also offers parallel operation with up to nine units, enabling scalability and flexibility for increased power output. With configurable AC/solar input priority and auto-restart functionality, the inverter ensures uninterrupted power supply even during AC grid outages.

Reliable Solar Battery Bank

To enhance energy storage and utilization, Sunway Solar’s 20kW solar system incorporates a solar battery bank. The battery bank provides deep-cycle, long-lifespan performance with high discharge capabilities. Users can choose from various battery types, including AGM, Gel, or Lithium-ion, and select the appropriate voltage (2V/12V/48V/high voltage) based on their requirements. This ensures optimal energy storage and availability, especially during periods of low solar generation or power outages.

Sturdy Solar Mounting System

The 20kW solar system by Sunway Solar is complemented by a robust solar mounting system. This system includes options for ground mounting, residential roof installations (pitched roof), car parking solar mounting, vertical wall solar mounting, and commercial roof installations (flat roof and workshop roof). The all-aluminum structure ensures durability, while the preinstalled components minimize installation time and labor. Additionally, the ballasted mount design preserves the integrity of the roof structure.


Sunway Solar’s 20kW solar system offers a comprehensive solution for individuals and businesses seeking to embrace clean energy and reduce their environmental impact. With high-performance solar panels, an efficient off-grid solar inverter, a reliable solar battery bank, and a sturdy mounting system, this system provides a sustainable and reliable power supply. By adopting this innovative solution, users can take a significant step toward a greener future while enjoying the benefits of energy independence and cost savings.

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