Get to Know Linxingpinechem: An Innovative Manufacturer in the Pine Chem Industry

Looking for a reliable and innovative partner in the pine chemicals industry? Look no further than Linxingpinechem! This cutting-edge pine chemicals manufacturer is revolutionizing the market with their unique approach to producing high-quality pine chemical products. From research and development to production and distribution, Linxingpinechem has everything you need to stay ahead of the competition in this rapidly-evolving industry. So why wait? Get ready to discover all that this pine chemicals manufacturer called Linxingpinechem has to offer – read on for an inside look at this exciting company!

Introduction to Linxingpinechem

Linxing Pinewood Chemical Co., Ltd. was established in 1998 and is located in Baishi Industrial Development Zone, Yunnan District, Yunfu City, Guangdong Province, China. Linxing Pine Chemical is a comprehensive company that integrates production, research, and operation. They have established an annual production capacity of 2000 tons α- Pinene and β- Production plants of pinne, 1500 tons of longifolene, 1000 tons of isolongfolene, 500 tons of isolongfolanone, 1000 tons of p-threimene and p-phenylmethane, 1000 tons of terpineol and pine oil. Yunfu Linxing Pine Wood Chemical Co., Ltd. provides high-quality materials for the food, coating, pharmaceutical, spice, and spice industries with modern management and strict quality assurance system.

Why can you choose to collaborate with Linxingpinechem?

Linxingpinechem is a leading manufacturer of pine chemicals with over 20 years of experience. They are dedicated to providing thier customers with the highest quality products and services. They offer a wide range of pine chemicals, including: Terpineol, Paracymene, Alpha-Terpinene, Gamma-Terpinene, Terpineolene, Delta-3-Carene, and so on. So, choosing to work with Linxigpinechem is a perfect choice for you!


Linxingpinechem is an innovative and reliable manufacturer in the pine chem industry. With their commitment to quality, customer satisfaction, environmental protection, and innovation they have set themselves apart from other manufacturers in the market. From environmentally friendly production processes to custom-tailored solutions for each individual need, Linxingpinechem ensures that customers get exactly what they want – a high-quality product at a competitive price. Whether you are looking for new pine chemicals or just want to learn more about this incredible company, take some time today to explore all that Linxingpinechem has to offer!

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