Malaysia’s Future Green and Intelligent Metropolis Is Forest City

Just constructed in Johor Bahru, Malaysia, Forest City is a smart and environmentally friendly vision of the future created by Country Garden Pacificview Sdn Bhd. This groundbreaking project is a model of technologically advanced urban planning. Forest City Malaysia gives its residents a chance to take part in this energy while also providing them with a one-of-a-kind way to live.

Imaginings of the CG Board Chairman

Living in Forest City Malaysia is like being transported to a fantasy world. The city has a pleasant climate, beautiful sea views, bright blue skies, and clean air throughout the year. There are beautiful parks all over the city, and there are no cars, so people can relax and take long, leisurely walks without fear of being run over. Everything from work and play to dining and entertainment is exciting in Forest City Malaysia, thanks to the city’s advanced technological infrastructure. The residents of this complex will enjoy a one-of-a-kind lifestyle.

Living in a Smart, Connected City

Using cutting-edge residential technologies, individualised customer care, and regular social gatherings, Forest City Malaysia has created a fully-integrated “smart island” experience. The Forest Life App serves as the city’s centralised hub for a wide range of public resources. Readlife, Malaysia’s first cloud-based community digital library, is also included in the app as a source of amusement. Canbot, Malaysia’s first smart robot service community, is also available to serve as a bilingual resource and tour guide for newcomers.

Superior Safety Measures

To safeguard the safety of its citizens, Forest City Malaysia employs cutting-edge intelligent security technologies. Facial and fingerprint recognition are used by smart doors and elevators, and invisible electric fencing surrounds the property. Moreover, the Forest Life App supports real-time streaming of common areas, door opening, and alarm triggering remotely.

Services of a Butler and International Celebrations

Most of Forest City Malaysia’s workforce is allocated to butler jobs, with the goal of developing a close relationship with each property owner to facilitate a smooth transition into community life. Forest City Malaysia has residents from over 30 different countries, thus to facilitate communication and understanding between them, they’ve hosted a number of multicultural activities. Residents of this neighbourhood have come together to celebrate Chinese New Year, Japanese Culture Day, and a tie-dying workshop in May that featured Henna and Chinese handcrafted items to promote cultural understanding.

The Hotel Marina

Located between Johor and Singapore, the Forest City Marina Hotel is the first luxury hotel in Forest City. Each of the hotel’s rooms and suites provides visitors with a high standard of comfort and elegance. Every guest at the Forest City Marina Hotel will have a pleasant and memorable stay thanks to the hotel’s many amenities.


Forest City Malaysia is an innovative project that fuses nature, science, and cutting-edge technology to create a utopian and technologically advanced community. The community’s smart island experience, smart security systems, butler service, and multicultural activities are all part of an effort to make life in this community one of a kind for its members. Forest City Marina Hotel provides high-end services and facilities for its visitors. This progress paves the way for a more environmentally friendly and technologically advanced city in the future.

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