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Gorgeous collection of ikat blouses online for a perfect celebrity look for cotton sarees

Saree is the love of every woman and every girl looks beautiful in a traditional outfit. Saree and blouse is considered as the best traditional outfit. Girls who want to wear traditional clothes but you don’t like heavy embroidery work blouses which are very heavy and uncomfortable to handle. This ikat blouse is for you only , very simple as well as attractive . Ikat blouses are made up of dyed colours with soft material. Simple with comfortable designs for every girl’s comfort. Blouses are of delightful colours like pink, white,blue,red, orange and many other colours. All blouses will make your simple saree an extremely beautiful look.

Trending butterfly sleeves with blurred prints ikat blouse design

Very trendy blouse that every girl would love . Butterfly sleeves are the best if you want western in the form of Indian . The neck is of round shape which is very classy and elegant. This blouse has blurred prints of white and purple for a perfect traditional look  when you wear this. Simplicity is the best thing that a girl can wear and when your outfit is simple then it will be just fabulous. Perfect for daily wear and for any small functions. Made up of pure ikat fabric for your comfort. Add up some gold plated chains and some bangles also for a perfect look.

Beautiful Orange colour blouse with blurred prints

 of ikat

Beautiful off the sleeves blouse with bold orange colour. Look how beautiful it’s looking with the black saree. Every girl should have this beautiful blouse for an emergency purpose when you are in a hurry for any party or function. Have orange and white blurred prints all over the blouse for a perfect look. Round neck for a perfect look. You can wear this to any function or party for that gorgeous look.

Fancy butterfly sleeves with blurred prints of ikat

Very fancy blouse. Butterfly sleeves are the prettiest one of all other blouses. Gives a very comfortable and attractive look. The neck area is of round shape and the hands are of beautiful butterfly floral shape . Made up of pure ikat fabric with blurred prints all over the blouse. These types of blouses are for daily wear and also for some small functions in the house. You can easily pair this with any type of cotton or Georgette saree with minimal accessories and just perfect for the day to go out and flaunt your traditional look.

Amazing backless black blouse of blurred prints of ikat blouses

Backless blouses are the love of every woman and every woman wants to wear one someday in her life. These blouses are in trend and are super comfortable. Deep back cut for a perfect look. This blouse is of black colour with orange, white and green blurred prints. Very beautiful and comfortable for any function. The hands are of half sleeves with same blurred prints for a formal look. Will go with any cotton saree in your wardrobe.

Lovely butterfly sleeves with white prints of ikat blouse

Lovely butterfly sleeves blouse for a fancy look. Black colour suits every skin tone and gives a gorgeous look without too much investment,it is the colour that every girl loves to wear and it goes with any function, party and festivals also. It comes with a “V”neck cut with beautiful butterfly sleeves . Overall blouse is just awesome with white dotted prints. Will look amazing with any type of saree you have just matched up with some formal accessories and simple makeup.

Awesome indigo blouse with white blurred prints of ikat

This blouse is just fabulous and will give you a perfect traditional vibe when you wear this in any function. Very beautiful round neck design with red borders. Indigo colour with white unique prints. The chest area and hand area have the same design for a formal look. You can wear this on a daily basis because of comfortable and beautiful designs. Select any saree from your wardrobe and match this beautiful blouse and get a gorgeous traditional look.


Ikat blouses have a beautiful collection of blurred prints with beautiful designs. All the blouses are made up of pure ikat blouses . Everything is good in your outfit but if you are not comfortable in it that is not good and can spoil your all function,ikat blouses are especially made to look for your comfort and your style as well. You can also wear this on a daily basis or for any party, function in your house.

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