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Makeup Brushes That You Need

The University of Makeup has a complete set of top quality brushes that have minimal shedding and are hand crafted for strokes that feel like satin on the skin. The black handle and black ferrule help to give a sleek and clean professional look. The handle is also tapered for easy maneuvering of the brush.

126 Powder Brush

Our goat haired Powder brush is an imperative tool for applying a medium veil of powder to the face, and decolletage. The full textured shape creates strong coverage from your loose, and compact/pressed powders.

127 Blush Brush

Our high quality goat hair blush brush softly glides on the perfect finish. This is the ultimate tool for precise application to the cheek bones.

125 Foundation Brush

This precise Taklon foundation brush was designed to create the most smooth, flawless finish. It works amazingly with liquid, creme, and even powder products. The hair glides through liquids without any streaking, distributes and blends foundation into the face.

221 All Over Eye Blender Brush

If you only have one brush, this is the one! Keep this tool handy for strong color on the lid, highlighting the brow, and anything in between. The pony hair is strong but blends color too. This brush also comes in multiple sizes.

202 Large Shader Brush

Press base colors and highlight brows with this ‘must have’ sable shader brush. Apply color with a strong finish and use this amazing tool for blending all color smoothly. Its a basic for any Makeup connoisseur.

130 Concealer Brush

Our concealing brush is perfect for layering and texturizing light color into the face contours, and under eye areas. The thin sleek taklon latches to creme and liquid which makes for precise product deposition

204 Crease Brush

This brush features soft yet firm bristles with a tapered tip. Helps apply eye shadows into the crease of eyes. It increases depth & dimension of your eyes and is made of all-natural squirrel hair. This brush ensures precise application & effortless blending.

219 Precision Crease Brush

The Precision Crease Brush defines the crease area by creating a perfect contour. The brush effortlessly picks up color & deposits on skin. It is made of pony hair and helps you to blend and shape like an expert.

229 Detailing Brush

Our mini detailer comes in handy for those precision makeup looks. Highlight and define liner with this rounded sable brush. It will latch a stronger application of powder and creme product for both eyes and lips.

316 Lip Brush

Glide lip products on flawlessly with this long sable lip brush. Hair forms to a point for smoothing and blending color.

207 Angle Eye Liner Brush

This Angle Eye Liner Brush brush is the best for brow, eyeliner (powder) and gel applications. We love it because of the preciseness, and ability to build color with ease. Press and glide the angle next to the lash line for the best effect.

212 Spoolie Brush

This Spoolie design is best for any lash, and brow grooming. It is washable even for use with mascara, or brow gel. Smooth through lashes, brows with this reusable tool.

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