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Hermetix’s TO-60 Hermetic Headers: Unleashing Unmatched Reliability and Performance

As a distributor or agent in the electronic components industry, you understand the significance of providing your clients with products that guarantee reliability and performance. In partnership with Hermetix, you can offer the epitome of excellence in hermetically sealed packages – the TO-60 Hermetic Headers. With their robust construction and cutting-edge glass to metal sealed technology, these headers provide optimal protection for sensitive components, ensuring seamless integration and long-lasting performance. In this blog article, we will delve into the features and applications of Hermetix’s TO-60 hermetic headers, showcasing how they empower critical applications with unparalleled reliability.

Robust Construction and Superior Sealing Capabilities

Hermetix’s TO-60 hermetic headers are designed with industry-leading glass to metal sealed technology. This advanced sealing technique provides a secure and stable environment for sensitive components, safeguarding them against external factors that could compromise their performance. With Hermetix’s commitment to uncompromising quality, each TO-60 header undergoes a battery of rigorous tests, including insulation resistance, bending, tensile strength, aging, and hermeticity.

Empowering Various Applications

The versatility of Hermetix’s TO-60 hermetic headers extends to their wide range of applications. These headers find their place in almost all areas of microelectronic packaging applications, serving both the transmitter side (TOSA) and the receiver side (ROSA). From security systems and medical devices to laser diodes and fiber optical equipment, Hermetix’s hermetic headers empower critical applications across diverse industries. By offering these headers as part of your product lineup, you strengthen your position as a reliable partner capable of meeting the unique demands of various industries.


Hermetix’s TO-60 hermetic headers provide distributors and agents with a reliable, high-performance solution to offer their clients. These headers, built with glass to metal sealed technology, deliver unmatched protection for sensitive components and have undergone extensive testing to ensure their reliability and durability. Partner with Hermetix and bring unparalleled reliability and performance to your clients’ electronic component needs.

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