What Themes to Look Into This Halloween?

One of the great things about Halloween is putting your creative spin on it. You can pick from many types of themes that make this holiday all your own. These fun ideas let you create your version for a special celebration that’s all yours.

Murder Mystery

When people think about Halloween, they often think about the dead. Murder mysteries fit in nicely with Halloween. This is a chance to come up with an idea that challenges you and your friends to come up with new ideas. You can all participate in an effort to think about how a murder might have been committed and who did it.


Showbiz is ready-made for Halloween. One of the most delightful things you can do is come up with many fabulous costumes. For example, plus size burlesque costumes bring in plenty of old-fashioned flairs. At Smiffy’s, as they state, they “love making scary costumes here.” This allows you to engage in some of your favorite Hollywood themes.

Alice in Wonderland

Alice in Wonderland is a classic. It’s also a theme that works well with Halloween. You can find plenty of inspiration when you look at this story closely. The main character is easy to duplicate. Other characters also fit in nicely with this theme. For example, the Red Queen makes the perfect character to show off your love of drama. With this concept in mind, you can easily make many varied party ideas. A mad tea party is an excellent idea for your Halloween fun plans.

Harry Potter

Harry Potter has a clear connection with all things Halloween. The characters love to do things such as drink pumpkin juice. Witches and wizards are concepts that work with all aspects of this season. You can create many different Halloween costumes based on the ideas you’ll find right here in her books. Use items that you find in the books. For example, you might have Halloween-themed cupcakes with a large snitch on top. Give your guests wands and set them a series of tasks related to the actions in the books. Add in decorations like Harry Potter glasses that allow you to show off your love of these books.

Autumn Spirit

For many people, one of the best things about this time of the year is that it takes place in the fall. This is when the temperatures start to drop and the heat leaves. It’s also when you’ll see lots of lovely leaves as they change colors. Make the most of the season with a Halloween theme that reminds everything beautiful about the world of autumn. Bring in hay bales where people can sit and add lots of apples you’ve picked from a local orchard.

Getting into the Halloween spirit is easy. Use these themes to make it your own and have even more fun at the festival. When you choose a theme for a costume for your party, ensure that you return the costume return policies and quality before renting them.

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