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Cheap DIY group costume ideas for Halloween

Halloween costumes get better each year, especially if you are willing to get creative and work together as a family to make them special. With the right inspiration, you’ll find many DIY Halloween costumes for a group and still stay within your budget. Read on for four cheap DIY Halloween costumes that you can make for your loved ones this upcoming Halloween.

1. Day of the Dead Costumes

The Dia de Los Muertos holiday is a popular celebration throughout Mexico, in which families celebrate loved ones that have passed on. To celebrate Halloween, kids can dress up as famous Mexican figures like Frida Kahlo. Look online for Dia de Los Muertos inspiration to get the best ideas for costumes that would be a good fit. According to Smiffys Halloween Costumes, the easiest Day of the Dead costumes kids use face paint, fake flowers, and a bucket. This is a simple costume that will look incredible when complete.

2. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Group Costume

A teenage mutant ninja turtle group costume is as simple as finding two or more children, a turtle costume, and pizza. The turtle costume is easy enough and can be replicated with a black eye mask and turtle shell-colored backpack. Consider crafting weapons out of cardboard and foam for a more complete costume.

3. Toy Story Costumes

It doesn’t get any more DIY or simple than a Toy Story costume. Consider dressing your kids as iconic stars of the movie like Woody, Buzz, or Bo Peep. Go to a thrift store to find costume accessories like cowboy boots, a hat, a dress, and anything else that will sell the costume.

Need some more inspiration for this costume idea? Have a family movie night in the weeks leading up to Halloween to decide on costume essentials and pick the ones that fit your children the best.

4. Music Band Members’ Costumes

Another great group costume for children is a music band. Cater to each child’s musical interests, whether it’s a rock, pop, rap, or country band. Create the most appropriate member costumes by assigning each child a role in the band and a signature style. For example, if your child loves rock music, focus on creating a rock band look.

Use hair extensions to create an iconic hairstyle, thrift denim jackets to give the band a punk look, and find creative sunglasses to create a signature style. This costume idea works well if your children also play musical instruments as they can take them along the way when they go trick or treating.

Halloween is the best time of year when parents can go all out with their kids’ costumes. If you aren’t feeling crafty or inspired, it can be hard to come up with ideas that are easy to put together. Keep these DIY group costumes for Halloween in mind to help save you money and keep your kids happy and on the way to getting more candy.

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