Common Questions About Period Pants

There’s been a lot of debate about period pants since they were first invented. Some people are fans of them, while others are unsure about their worth.

It’s essential to avoid leaks and stains with your period, especially when you are out in public. This is the time of the month when it’s hard to leave anything to chance. This is where heavy flow period pants from Wuka can help.

According to Wuka, they offer “leak-proof period underwear, perfect for a heavy flow. They absorb 20ml+ period blood or four tampons’ worth. With five super comfy, flattering & highly absorbent styles, WUKA has your back; however, you decide to period.” Though many have already enjoyed the benefits that period panties offer, below are some common questions others still have.

  1. Do Period Panties Work?

According to Sophie Cockett, the editor of GLAMOUR, she is an advocate for period pants and often tells her friends about them. She says that despite the negative perceptions about them, they feel very comfortable and do not have a smell. These panties are super absorbent, making them feel incredibly dry even after a few hours of use, and they don’t smell. They can help keep your period clean and prevent you from changing pads every four hours.

  1. How Does the Absorbent Material Work?

Various brands on the market make period underwear, and they tend to be made of soft and stretchy materials that will keep your body dry and comfortable. This is very important, as they’ll be contacting your intimate areas.

According to Wuka, the company’s underwear products are made from a material that has natural antibacterial properties. This ensures that they’re both hygienic and keep your body dry.

  1. How Do You Wash Them?

It would be best if you rinsed your period underwear thoroughly until the water runs clear. It would be best to put it in the wash with your other clothes. Then, hang them up to air dry and avoid using fabric softeners as this could affect their absorbency.

  1. Do Period Panties Work For Heavy Flows?

These types of panties are made to absorb a lot of fluids. However, there are period panties just for you if you have a heavy flow. If you have a lighter flow, there are products for you, too. So it’s essential to choose the right pair for your flow.

According to Wuka, a pair of period panties can replace up to five tampons worth of blood depending on the pair you wear and can also be worn for up to 12 hours.

  1. Can They Be Worn Without Pads and Tampons?

Although period underwear is designed to replace pads, tampons and cups, it can also be used as a backup. You can also wear period pants if you’re a fan of wearing cups, pads and tampons. In addition, they can be used as a backup for leak protection.

  1. How Long Do Period Panties Last?

A pair of period underwear can last for around three years. Over time, however, they will eventually lose some absorbency. After that time, you can still use them for light leaks.

The decision to make a move to period panties is a personal one. For example, if you are tired of buying tampons, pads and cups, period pants are your next best choice.

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