Steps to Agelessness Steps to Agelessness and Longevity


We believe it is possible to live in a perfect state of agelessness. Let’s reason it out together. Every 3 months you get an entirely new bloodstream, so it is not the bloodstream that gets old. Every 11 months, every cell in the body has renewed itself . . . so you have a practically new body every 11 months. Every 2 years you get an entirely new bone structure, so in 3 years you are really born again . . . the renewal process has taken place! Now, if you keep the body clean and purified by eating a diet that continually cleanses the body, how can you get sick? How can you get old? The only thing that can kill you is a disease or an accident. Time cannot kill you!

Why Die Before Your Time?

Read in the Bible where some people lived 900 and more years in a state of ageless grace! Of course the skeptics will scoff at these ages and say, “They recorded time differently than we do.” They will tell you it’s impossible to live to be 900. But they have not studied these ancient people’s habits. They lived on foods that did not obstruct and clog the pipe system. This was the only thing that kept them alive – a clean body, free from clogging, encumbrances and obstructions. And that is exactly what this Course of Instruction is going to give you – a clean, healthy body! The Bragg Healthy Lifestyle will help you keep the toxic poisons flushing out of the body. Who knows? You, our reader and new health friend, may live 100 years or more in abundant health by living this healthy, active and vital lifestyle! We want this for all of you – a long, happy, healthy and fulfilling life!

The Garden of Eden

We believe man once lived in a tropical paradise. In all our research and study we have come to the definite conclusion that man once lived in a Garden of Eden, and his diet consisted of raw fruits and raw vegetables and some lightly cooked vegetables. We believe that the man of Eden ate many green leafy vegetables, and that he ate nuts and seeds. This is the diet we believe man lived on in Biblical times, with freedom from disease, and that some lived to be as old as 900 years or more.

Unhealthy Lifestyle and Heavy Proteins Shorten Life!

Now allow us to repeat this to make it clear in your mind. When man lived in his tropical paradise on a diet of natural, organically grown fruits and vegetables, he was constantly detoxifying and purifying his body. He lived every day on The Toxic less Diet, Body Purification and Healing System. Most lived a long life, free from aches and pains, diseases, premature ageing and senility. When man left his paradise, the Garden of Eden, it necessitated his venturing into different climates. Then his diet was changed by necessity towards the eating of more grain foods like wheat, barley, oats, rye, maize and millet. He also learned to cultivate rice, lentils and beans of all varieties, which he dried and stored for long periods of time. Having his fruit and vegetable selection greatly reduced, he turned to the killing of animals for meat and the collecting of birds’ eggs. In time he found he could domesticate animals like the cow, goat and fowl.

The World is Our Human Classroom

As we travel the world, we study the eating habits of the people. Let us take the Eskimo who lives in the frigid Arctic on a diet of mostly animal and fish flesh and their blood. Their environment provides no other recourse but to rely on these foods. Results – they age prematurely and have a short life span. They are lucky if they reach 40! They suffer from stiff joints and arthritis, bad livers and bad kidneys as well as many skin and other diseases.

Now, as we move down from the Arctic Circle into the countries like Lapland, Finland and the Northern European countries, we find people using lots of meat, fish, eggs and bread. We get a crystal-clear picture of what these foods do to these people. We see premature ageing in these countries, we see the loss of sight, and hearing and the general deterioration of the body by the time people have reached 50. Many suffer from gum disease causing them to lose their teeth. Many have suffered their whole life with some nagging ailment, such as bronchitis, asthma, skin problems and other diseases.

You Can Create Your Own Garden of Eden

My father and I want you to know we have no illusions that there is any place left in the world that could be called the 100% perfect Garden of Eden. But if you want to be well and live long, you must work to create your own Garden of Eden to the best of your ability wherever you live! You should strive to live in the most environmentally pure and safe surroundings as possible! Drink only distilled or reverse osmosispurified water. Eat organic fruits and vegetables. Buy and use air purifiers for your home, office and even your car. This is what we do wherever we have lived. When possible we put in organic vegetable gardens, fruit trees and flowers to best create our own Garden of Eden!


We have seen men and women in their 80s, 90s and older who barely had a wrinkle or line on their face. Dr. John Harvey Kellogg was one of the greatest American health doctors who ever lived. The last time my father saw him, the famous doctor was giving a health lecture in his ninety-third year! He had the skin of a young man and a smooth face that literally shined with health like a polished apple! This is what my father and I wish for you, our new health friend and reader – a body glowing with super, optimum health for a long, happy life.

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