Vitality from the Universe – You Will Enjoy The Internal Youthful Cosmetics and Long-Lasting Health

People Who Refuse to Grow Old

Doctors’ offices throughout the civilized world are filled with women who suffer from menstrual problems, PMS, etc. We must sadly note that 7 out of 10 women reaching 60 in the United States have had some type of major problem or surgery on their female organs! In our professional work as Health and Fitness Advisors to the Film Stars of Hollywood, we have many female clients who absolutely defy time! They have reaped the benefits of The Bragg Healthy Lifestyle – The Toxicless Diet, Body Purification and Healing System. You can never quite determine their age because at 50 they look 30, while at 60 they look and act like only 40! This is what we want for both women and men; to look, feel and act years younger and have a huge zest and gopower for a healthy, happy, long life.

Be Ageless and Youthful – Why Not?

Now, thanks to The Bragg Toxic less Diet, Body Purification and Healing System, it is possible for women to retain their vitality – as well as their physical and sexual appeal – throughout their long, healthy life! By retaining these attributes, she also safeguards a less direct, more elusive aspect of her total feminine personality. We believe that women can remain active, youthful, feminine, graceful and useful for their entire long life! Becoming old-looking can be a thing of the past for any woman who will invest the time and has the discipline to purify her body by living The Bragg Healthy Lifestyle.

Conrad Hilton Thanks Bragg for His Long Life!

When the world’s biggest hotel magnate Conrad Hilton was all of 80 and lying on his deathbed, we gave him a new lease on life by introducing him to The Bragg Healthy Lifestyle. He followed our instructions and discovered a whole new healthy, vibrant lifestyle! He was soon healthy, happy and fit, enjoying life! He even remarried at 88 years young! He remained active in business (half days at his office) to almost 100 years young! Mr. Hilton at 88 was quoted in a People Magazine interview as saying, “I wouldn’t be alive today if it wasn’t for the Braggs and their Bragg Healthy Lifestyle!” With this magazine article was a photo of the grateful hotel millionaire with his healthy lifestyle teacher.

Eternally Youthful – Bob Cummings

Bob Cummings – one of Broadway and Hollywood’s talented early successes, Bob also pioneered TV with his wholesome family series “My Little Margie.” He carefully followed The Bragg Healthy Lifestyle from 18 when he was the toast of Broadway. Bob was the singing and dancing Star of Ziegfeld’s Folly “A Pretty Girl Is Like a Melody.” At his mother’s insistence, Bob attended a Bragg Health Crusade in New York City’s Times Square on his night off. It changed his life! My father’s message penetrated Bob’s heart, soul and mind, inspiring him to become a faithful Bragg follower. We are proud to note that when Bob reached his 70s, he still retained youthful energy and posture as a man in his 30s! You can too.

Jack LaLanne is Healthy, Youthful And Ageless – You Can Be Too!

There hasn’t been a jelly donut in Jack’s life since! LaLanne has faithfully followed The Bragg Healthy Lifestyle since that night. Jack now spreads the gospel of health and exercise through TV, see page 99, lecture tours and by performing extraordinary physical feats. This happily married father of two celebrated his 70th birthday with a mile-long swim . . . towing 70 rowboats carrying 70 people to show his super health and strength. Jack LaLanne is still going strong, healthy and youthful at 92 years young and his body is like he’s 30

Toxic Poisons Cause Impotent Men, Frigid Women, Shattered Marriages and Families!

No wonder divorce rates of “civilized” countries are staggering. Impotent men and frigid women can’t hold up the loving physical end of marital relationships! The majority of divorces in civilized countries are caused by physical incompatibility. When toxic poisons get into the reproductive glands of both male and female, serious problems arise! Sexual desires diminish as more toxic chemicals build up in the body’s delicate organs.

You Will Enjoy The Internal Youthful Cosmetics and Long-Lasting Health

As you progressively eliminate the meat, sugars, fats and highly refined, processed foods from your diet and start eating more raw organic fruits, vegetables, salads, sprouts, fresh juices and whole grains, etc. you will soon begin to notice your skin and muscle tone improving. This starts your cleansing, healing and rejuvenation process! Also, try dry skin brushing and water therapy, pages 132-133. You are now on the road to eternal youthfulness! Remember, fresh fruits and vegetables are the internal cosmetics that reveal their wonder-working power by giving you healthy skin that glows like a fresh healthy, polished apply.


When the body is clean and purified you no longer crave the rich heavy foods of civilization. When you reeducate the 260 taste buds of your mouth, it is almost 63 It never hurts to brush up on the three Rs: • Respect for yourself. • Respect towards others. • Responsible living today, tomorrow and always! Impossible to let any unhealthy, toxic foods enter your system. Your clean, newly educated taste buds will refuse to let these foods pass by them. They become the loving, wise guardians of your Holy Temple –Your Body.

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